August 21, 2017

I Met Rose

I am talking about my new razor, not Jane the Virgin's Rose, thankfully. I probably wouldn't be here to tell the story otherwise.

Hey, you can see me in the reflection!

Remember that post about my shaving issues? Well, my boyfriend checked out my razors and said that the reason I got cut so often was that they only had two blades, and they were really basic, not flexible and all of that. Following his suggestion, I started checking out razors on Boots' website, but all of them seemed quite pricey, and then I remembered seeing a picture of something called Friction Free Shaving. 

Friction Free Shaving is a subscriptions that allows people to receive four new blades every month, and the prices for the subscription go from 5 to 9 pounds a month. In the first box you get the razor handle and four blades, and the following months you just get the blades (at least that's what I have understood). You can also add a shaving cream to the subscription for an extra 6 pounds.

Now my legs will be less scratched than my boyfriend's desk

The two razors that they offer are the three-bladed Frankie and the six-bladed Rose. I obviously went for the second one because it's prettier because of the six blades and I added the shaving cream for good measure.

I ordered it about a week ago and it landed on my doorstep this morning, just in time for my weekly shaving session.

Let's start by saying that I love the packaging, the colours and the creativity that went into the creation of this product. Second, I really really appreciate the material and weight of the razor handle. It feels expensive and long-lasting. The cream looks pretty as well, and despite containing manuka honey, shea butter and coconut oil its perfume reminds me of peaches, which I love.

I tried everything straightaway (well, right after taking some pictures) and I can say it lived up to the expectations. Shaving proved to be quick and easy, and I didn't even cut myself. The blades cut the hair really close to the skin, so the result should last for a little longer than my previous razors, but the simple fact that I didn't cut myself is enough to make me say I love this combo and I will definitely not cancel my subscription soon.

I will update you at some point, in the meantime, I have got a referral code to share with you in case you decide to #meetRose as well. With this code (K4O1IU) you can get 25% discount on your first order. You are welcome.

Look at all those little blades

Martina x

August 19, 2017

They Melted My Heart

Quick update just to tell you something that happened at work today.

I was sorting out the shelves in the shop where I spend half of my working hours when I overheard a conversation between a little girl and her mum. The little girl wanted to buy some ink and a quill but wasn't sure wether she should buy them there or at the Harry Potter shop in King's Cross. I noticed that the parents didn't really know what to say and they didn't seem too keen on the quill, so I walked there and told her, "I believe you should buy that at the Harry Potter shop, it's more magical there" - partly because I truly believe that and I would want to buy my quill there and partly because I wanted to help the parents. She didn't seem too convinced at first, but after a few minutes came back and said, "Thank you for your advice" which sounded so grown-up from her, it truly melted my heart.

After I gave her my advice though, her brother (could have been eight or nine years old, not older) came up to me and asked, "Excuse me, do you work here? You know, the thing that you just said to my sister is not helpful for your business. You shouldn't tell people to buy things elsewhere." Then he went on saying that he had checked the prices of ink and quills on Amazon and that he might actually buy them from there, and that everything in our shop is a bit overpriced. Bless him. I asked how did he know so many things at such young age, and he answered, "I don't know, I just know that."

The older brother then came up to me with an item in his hands asking me, "Sorry madam, I don't remember where I found this, can you point the shelf to me so I can bring it back?" which, if you have ever worked in a shop, you might know that is something that no one does, ever. Everyone just abandons everything in random places, so the average day on an employee feels like an endless game of hide-and-seek. I was moved but still told him to leave that to me, that I would take care of that.

I honestly wonder how their parents managed to bring up such well-mannered and clever children, although this kind of personality has probably more to do with the child himself than the parents. Still, if they wrote a book about parenting I would definitely read it.

Unfortunately they left and I didn't have time to ask them to adopt me congratulate for their smart children.

This event is definitely the highlight of my working month. Do you have any story to share?

Martina x

August 17, 2017


Today I visited Westfield White City for the first time. I really appreciated the building, though I found it to be a bit of a maze, but was quite disappointed by the lack of a bookshop (though maybe they do have one and I just couldn't find it). After walking through Westfield without buying anything I travelled to Foyles Charing Cross, where Lorenzo bought me Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton biography (#boyfriendgoals, right?).

Six years ago as of today I was flying buisness class to New York. Can you believe it? It was my first time in the US and my holiday extended to Annapolis, Washington DC and Orlando. Best family holiday ever. I've been wanting to talk about my US experiences for a while, so I might pick up this topic a little better in another post. 

In 2011 I visited the UK, the US, Belgium and Germany. Wish all my years could be like that. But I am not complaining, as right now I live in London and this has always been one of my major life goals.

See you soon,

Martina x

August 16, 2017

Favourite Major Food Chain?


Pret a Manger is definitely my favourite food chain. I discovered it in London a few years back, as we don't have one in Italy, and since then I've started appreciating it more and more. Not only the food is good, various, healthy and with a good price, but the company is also all into charity and treating their employees well (or so I've heard), making it an ethically correct place. I also love their design - from the chairs and tables to the prints on the walls - and their theme colours - that red/bordeaux is really up my street.

I have a few favourite bits from them and I have already spread my passion with my boyfriend, friends and family. I can proudly say that everyone of them has tried the Brie, Avocado & Tomato Toastie - my absolute favourite - and loved it (well done Pret, now please don't discontinue that toastie or you might not see me again).

Their coffee is not the best, more often than not it tastes like it's been burned (and you can still feel that in drinks that contain a lot of sugar and milk) but since I'm not a huge fan of coffee and I don't drink it that often, this doesn't bother me too much.

I visit Pret almost everyday (the fact that my workplace is right next to one of their shops doesn't help). If I had to eat at Pret for a whole day, this is what I would get.


I would pick up a small Orange Juice and order a Chocolate & Hazelnut Croissant at the till. I might also get a Soya Latte, if I feel like I need a little caffeine or something to warm myself up.


I would usually go for my favourite toastie - the Brie, Avocado & Tomato Toastie. If that's not available or if I prefer something cold I would opt for a Free-Range Egg Mayo or a Classic Super Club, and if I'm not extremely hungry I would choose the Mozzarella & Tomato Croissant, that - along with the Toastie - is on top of my favourites' list. As a drink I would either get Still Water or the Green Tea & Peach drink.


In the afternoon I would either order a Victoria Sponge and sit down to eat it or get one of their bars and eat it on the go. My favourite bars are the Choc Bar, Popcorn Bar and Chocolate Brownie Bar. For a drink, depending on the weather, I would either opt for a Soya Hot Chocolate or a Berry Blast. 


For dinner I would pick up a bottle of Still Water and eat some Macaroni Cheese Kale & Cauli (that's actually what I had today) or some Chicken, Broccoli & Brown Rice Soup. I usually get the smaller one and pair it up with some focaccia or a fruit or dessert.

I generally tend to avoid eating out this much, mainly to save some money, but if I really had to eat out all day long I would probably really just go to Pret multiple times. In my opinion, Pret is one of the best food places where you can find a balance between a decent price and a healthy meal, plus unlike many other places there are many different things to choose from, even numerous vegetarian and vegan options, so even eating out everyday wouldn't be too boring, in comparison to most caf├ęs.

What about you? What's your favourite food place?

Martina x

August 14, 2017

Six Years Ago - What?

Right now I feel like I've just come back from a weird dream. I was looking through the pictures I took the first time I visited the UK, back in 2011. For a moment I just lived in those memories. I was still in London (not only there though, I'll explain later), but in the London of six years ago. King's Cross was being renewed, the Shard was being built, the Olympics were yet to happen, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 was in the cinema. 

In July/August 2011 I spent two weeks in Stafford for a Summer school. During that time I also visited Liverpool and Stratford-upon-Avon, and on the last weekend before flying back to Milan we went to London. 

The whole experience has been fantastic, and it's something I would recommend to any student. During that time I also made many new friends (one ended up becoming one of my best friends - I'm talking about you Vava) and deepened my friendship with the people I already knew.

Here are some pictures. Welcome to my personal memory lane.

The campus where we were staying was really beautiful

The weather in Liverpool was magical - we had such a great day

As you can see I was already into artsy pictures

Stratford-upon-Avon looks like it came straight out of a fairytale

Finally in London! I had been waiting for all my life, I am not joking


The British Museum's building is stunning

I was so proud of this picture, I even had it printed professionally and kept it in my room

PS. I am so sad for my beloved Big Ben - they're going to keep him hidden for four years, that's such a shame, I will miss him so much.

Martina x