December 29, 2015

Books of 2015

I've always been an avid reader and book collector but growing up I've also struggled to find time to read books that were not related to my courses and school. One of my resolutions this year was to try and read as many books as possible. I ended up reading fifteen, which is not a large number at all, but I'm really proud of that anyway and I really enjoyed all of them. Here are the titles:

Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle
Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
You're the One that I Want by Giovanna Fletcher
This Star Won't Go Out by Esther Earl and family
Dear Mr. Potter by Lily Zalon
The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling
All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher
La Casa dei Sogni by Marzia Bisognin
My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult
The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen
The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera
Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol

I think I'm going to film a video about them later in January and tell a thing or two about them and how much I liked them, so for now I'll only leave here the list of titles without adding much information.
I'll also keep on reading through the next months, I already have a list full of titles.

Have you ever read any of them?
Is there anything you'd like to know about any of these books?

Marti xx

December 21, 2015

Gingerbread Cookies

Last week I met my friend Vava and we filmed a sort of video recipe together. Then we edited two videos, one each, without checking each other's and this is the result. Same footage, two points of view. Enjoy :)

Marti xx

December 16, 2015

Dear Santa

Some days ago I finally gave my parents my Christmas wishlist (I'm an eight year old at heart). Since they bought me a new PC some weeks ago, I don't expect to receive many gifts this year, but who knows, maybe Santa will get me something.

This year's wishlist is made of six items, that can be sorted in two categories: beauty and books (or Harry Potter, if you like).

  • Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara (mini size). I've been wanting to try this for ages but I never got around buying it, I thought this might be the right time to ask for it.
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original). I've only ever tried the sample size of this but I loved it, and since I love to use my Naked 2 palette I thought it would be a nice addition to my eye makeup collection.
  • Bee Good Raspberry & White Chocolate Lip Balm. I've been lusting after this lip balm ever since I found out about its existence, but I never got to try it because it's not available in Italy and I thought the shipping costs were quite expensive. I contacted the staff at Bee Good some days ago and they told me that they can ship small items inside a smaller parcel so the shipping costs decrease. That made me finally decide to put this on my list.
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone illustrated by Jim Kay. I'm a sucker for all things Harry Potter and no Christmas wishlist is complete if I haven't added at least one Harry Potter item. Last year I asked for a boxset with all the books (because I had them all in Italian and I wanted them in English as well). This time I couldn't leave out this masterpiece. I'm not sure I'll actually receive it because it's the most expensive gift of the bunch, but I'll definitely buy it for myself at some point if Santa doesn't get it for me.
  • Harry Potter Colouring Book. I love colouring books for grown ups, and I can't miss this Harry Potter one.
  • Lucchetti babbani e medaglioni magici. Harry Potter in italiano: le sfide di una traduzione* (wow, what a mouthful). This book is all about translating the Harry Potter saga from English to Italian. Harry Potter and book translations are two of my favourite things, and my dream job at the moment would be working for a publisher and translate books (possibly children's novels), so this is just perfect for me.
Let me know what you think of my choices. 
Have you ever tried any of those products or bought any of those books?
What is on your Christmas wishlist?

Marti xx

*Muggle padlocks and magical lockets. The challenges of translating Harry Potter into Italian

December 14, 2015


Pandoro is my favourite Christmas dessert. You might not be familiar with that name if you're not Italian, because it is a traditional Italian dessert and it's probably not very famous in the rest of the world.

The name "pandoro" comes from the Italian "pan d'oro" which literally means "golden bread". It is a sort of soft, sweet, buttery bread, quite big and shaped like a star. People usually buy it at the supermarket or at the bakery, because it's not easy to bake at home. Being a Christmas dessert, it is mostly eaten during Christmas holiday, and it's usually not available during the rest of the year.

Most of the times it is served covered in icing sugar, but it can also be paired with Nutella, jam, custard or any other cream. My family usually prepares a special mascarpone cheese cream, which honestly is one of the best things I've ever tasted. Pandoro can be cut in many different ways, my favourite is the horizontal one, that makes cute star shaped slices.

Have you ever tried a slice of pandoro?
What's your favourite traditional Christmas dessert?

Marti xx

December 10, 2015

Getting Festive

The Christmas spirit has invaded my home. Last week I paid a visit to the basement, grabbed all the boxes that contain all the christmassy stuff we have collected over the years and took them upstairs. 
I also went grocery shopping with my mum and picked up some new fairy lights as our old ones were broken and then adorned the Christmas tree with our old baubles and ornaments plus some new bells I bought at the supermarket along with the lights.

December 06, 2015

One Day Trip to Bologna

Hello! I'm sitting on my boyfriend's bed and trying to write down some christmassy posts I had planned to upload but miserably failed to prepare. It's not like I didn't try at all, I did, only I despised the final result and ended up deleting them. In the meantime, let me upload some pictures.

Yesterday we took a trip to Bologna, a wonderful Italian town where we had already been together a couple of times. My boyfriend had to go there to buy a new guitar and I tagged along. We travelled by train from Milan to Bologna in the morning, then ate at McDonald's (don't judge) and hopped on another train right after our meal to get to the place where we were supposed to find the guitar. Everything went fine there and soon we were travelling back to the town centre with a brand new Gibson and two happy smiles.

November 28, 2015

Handmade Tea Advent Calendar

Hello you! 
Christmas is just around the corner, and I've always loved to count the days up to Christmas with the help of a nice advent calendar. When I was little, my mum used to buy calendars with chocolate or stickers for my brother and I, and sometimes she even made them with her own hands, sewing up small pockets with embroidered numbers on the front.

Last year I made a handmade calendar for my boyfriend, and he loved it so much I decided to make another one this year. 

The great thing about handmade advent calendars is that you can customise them in many ways. My boyfriend loves tea, so I decided to make him a tea advent calendar. This kind of calendar can become really expensive if you choose to buy it in a shop, while if you try to make it at home you can cut on the costs and still have a nice, original, flavoury calendar.

November 17, 2015

Smooth Skin Routine

As you might know by now, I love makeup and beauty products. One thing I really care about is my face, so I'm always on the hunt for the best products. I really can't stand liquid foundation (I don't know why, maybe it's just because I've never really got used to it) so I always do my best to make my skin look smooth and healthy without covering it in makeup.
I can call myself lucky because I don't have a serious issue with acne, I only have to face some red spots from time to time. My skin is pretty smooth but I have some dry patches and some areas affected by blackheads, although the problem seems to get smaller as I grow old up (thank you nature). If you are still a teenager, don't worry, you can always hope in the future. When I was younger I had major skin problems, and now they have almost vanished.

I am by no means an expert, so feel free to tell me if you believe something I do or say on my blog is wrong.

At the moment, the products I use are the following. 

November 11, 2015

A Fresh Start

Hey! New video! New computer! Now I'm ready to start again from where I left it all and go on with my conquer of the social medias ;)

Today I wanted to try something different, so I edited my video's thumbnail with an online photo editor called Fotor. I heard a blogger talking about it and decided to give it a go, and I must say I'm impressed.

The video is short and a bit random, but I like how it turned out. Hope you'll like it as well.

Now I should really go back to my university books and study for a while, but later today I'll also start planning my future blog posts.

See you next time,
Marti xx

October 24, 2015

About broken computers and going to the gym

Hello everyone!

This month everything went back to normality. University courses started again and I had a hard time trying to balance my free time activities, my friends and boyfriend and my lessons and student duties.

My brother's old personal computer (that I had adopted last year as soon as my own computer had passed away) decided to leave me and suddenly stopped working, leaving me with only a tablet to do all the things I used to do with a computer.
Of course I had to stop editing and uploading videos, but I also ended up not writing any post for my blog (well, this blog) and using social medias less and less.
I did that because, on top of the fact I actually find it hard to do some things with a small tablet, I also started attending lectures at university and ended up needing the tablet to write down notes and school stuff.

In the meantime, I finally joined a gym and started doing exercises twice a week. This made me feel so accomplished but left me with less free time. In that free time I had to learn how to balance all the rest.

Now, after a three weeks' test, I feel ready to bring back all the Internet activities to my routine.
There are so many videos I need to watch, footage to edit, posts to write. I'm about to buy a brand new PC so I should be able to do that quite soon.

I can't wait to be back and active, I missed all of this. I'm thankful for those who didn't run away and decided to subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me with Bloglovin during this month, it really means a lot.

Thank you
Marti xx

October 03, 2015

September Favourites

Just uploaded my September Favourites video. Better late than never, right?

Thanks for watching!
Marti xx

September 11, 2015

To all the friendly readers out there

Oh hey! I'm so proud of myself, I managed to upload one post per day in the past seven days. They are random and very different from one another, but they should help any new reader understand in which direction is my blog going. 

I hope you'll stick with me and help me grow, I'm really looking forward to getting comments and constructive criticism because I'm fairly new to the blogging world and I need all your support and suggestions.

If you want, you can follow me with Bloglovin', the button is in the right column of this blog.

Thank you so much, 
Marti xx

September 10, 2015

Dreaming My Day Away

Hey there! It's been a month since I came back from the UK *insert very sad face here* and I thought it would be nice to share some more pictures with you.

This time I want to write about Brighton, as I've been there for two days and I've visited it a bit better than I did when I first went there years ago.

My boyfriend and I spent some quality time in Brighton, on the first day the weather was a bit cold and cloudy, we took a long walk on the seaside and reached a super nice place in Hove where we stopped to eat, called The View. The inside and outside of the place were both really pretty, the waitress was really kind and chatty and we ordered some really nice food. We were both so hungry we didn't even wait to take pictures before putting the forks in our dishes. My boyfriend got a pizza and I chose a nice starter called Special Oliviyeh Salad, a creamy salad made of boiled potato, chicken, egg, gherkin, mayonnaise, olive oil and lemon juice and served with a special flat bread.

If you're visiting Brighton and Hove and you're looking for a nice restaurant on the beach, I strongly recommend this one. Here's the website:

Later that day we visited the mall and some local shops, because it was raining and we didn't know where to go. We also got some nice hot tea to keep us warm.

On our second day there, the weather was so much nicer, the sun was shining and we visited the lanes and the pier, we had so much fun and loved everything. We were even so lucky we met Zoella in front of a Tiger shop, I still can't believe that (unfortunately, I have no picture of Zoe).

There are many places in Brighton that I love, but the thing that fascinates me the most is colours, because Brighton is all colourful and those colours are mostly pastel, which make everything look like a dream. Because of that, I loved to film and take pictures there, and I tried to learn a thing or two about my Canon camera while I was there. 

The next one must be my favourite picture of them all, even though they all look pretty thanks to the beautiful buildings and colours.

And here's a picture of me pretending to be cool on the beach.

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed my random pictures and pieces of information.

Marti xx

September 09, 2015

Beauty Update

Beauty wise, there are some products that really stand out if I ask myself what I loved to apply this summer.

I bought two products at Superdrug from their Tea Tree line, and I'm loving them so much I think I might go back and buy the whole line. I even got them on a deal and paid so little for two products that are worth so much. I'm talking about the Facial Moisturiser and the Spot Stick. They both smell like peppermint and tea tree oil, feel fresh and tingly on the skin, and help reducing redness and skin problems. The spot stick is magical, it makes blemishes disappear overnight.

I've purchased the third product at Superdrug as well, it is a travel size scrub, the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, and this works wonders on my skin. I can just use the tiniest amount and get the softest skin in a matter of seconds. Oh, and I love apricots and the packaging is so nice. I'd like to try some other products from the same brand, any suggestion? Have you ever tried them?

September 08, 2015

Makeup Update

I didn't really know how to call this post, since the word 'update' usually refers to something that's already been mentioned on a blog, and I've never written a post like this one, but "This is a list of the best makeup and beauty products I discovered this summer" seemed a bit too long.

Anyway, in short, this is a list of the best makeup and beauty products I discovered this summer. Ha.

I didn't really go on a shopping spree or anything (except for a tiny Superdrug haul) but I collected a couple of things while I was out with my mum, my boyfriend and even out on my own.

Let's start with makeup. The first thing worth mentioning is a lipstick that I bought when I first visited the new Wycon shop in Milan. I'd just had a difficult exam and I felt very disappointed with how it had turned out, so I decided to buy myself some gifts to cheer myself up. I went for a Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade 04 Borgogna because I'd seen a girl on Instagram wearing it and it looked really nice.
I love lip products but I'm always too scared to wear bright colours or dark colours, I usually opt for nudes, but this one really made me change my mind. I tried it on for the first time while I was out with my boyfriend and he took some pictures of me, and for the first time, looking at those pictures, I felt like an actress, a model, I don't even know, the colour didn't look strange on my lips at all. It made me think I looked pretty and confident, I looked like someone who knows her style and what suits her best, and that doesn't happen too often (I always feel like my clothes and makeup do not make a statement, they just look average and boring).
My problem with colourful lipsticks is that they usually don't last long, you always have to check yourself in the mirror just to make sure they didn't fade or go out of place, but this liquid lipstick didn't show that problem. I found out I could easily drink something or eat and still have a nice amount of it left on my lips afterwards. After applying it, it quickly dries on the lips leaving a nice colour, matte and intense. It's quite easy to apply and it doesn't dry the lips too much, an issue that I've found with many other lip products. I think I'll soon pay a visit to the Wycon shop again.

The next makeup product is a highlighter from another Italian brand, Kiko. It was part of a collection called On-The-Go Minis and I believe it was limited edition because I can't find it anywhere on the website. It's called 02 Beam of Light and it's a sparkly gold tone that doesn't look too glittery when applied. I really loved this product this summer because I decided to take it with me wherever to apply it both as a highlighter and a pale eyeshadow, and it really did the job for me. I applied it almost everyday when I was on holiday or didn't sleep at home and didn't have my full makeup collection with me. I'm really glad I bought this because most of my recent purchases at Kiko were just meh, not relevant, and I was starting losing interest for the brand.

The last makeup product I'd like to mention is a nail polish from Barry M, from the line called Gelly Hi Shine, in the colour Huckleberry. I bought it in the UK because I'd promised to my boyfriend that I would wear nail polish more, and after trying this one I really did. I had a bad experience with the white one from the same line (called Coconut), because it took hours to get dry and I ended up ruining it on the first day, but this pastel blue shade is so much easier to apply, I really appreciated that. I usually wear Kiko nail polishes because they dry almost instantly, but they chip instantly as well. This Barry M one lasted a really long time without chipping, it only started getting a bit cracky after six to seven days. I've already took it off and painted my nails all over again a couple of times (and that's a record for me). I can't wait to give a second chance to the white one.

I noticed my post is getting a bit long, so I think I'll change the title from "Makeup & Beauty Update" to "Makeup Update" and talk about the beauty products in a different post.

Thanks for everyone who stopped here and read my post,
Marti xx

September 07, 2015

La Casa dei Sogni by Marzia Bisognin

Disclaimer: this post does NOT contain spoilers regarding the plot or characters of the book, only my opinion about the novel as a whole.

Some weeks ago, the novel CutiePieMarzia has written was released in many bookshops across Italy. Since the main publisher is an Italian group, they have decided to print the Italian copies first and then make it available worldwide.

I was wandering inside a tiny bookshop in Liguria when I first noticed it on the top shelf of the wall I was facing in that moment. At the time I was still reading another book, so I decided to wait before buying it, also because I knew the original book had been written in English and the Italian edition had been translated (not by the author, and I prefer to read books in the language used by the author to write them).

After a couple of days I changed my mind and decided to read it in Italian anyway, because I thought I should take advantage of the fact I was able to read it in my first language since many other Marzipans didn't have this chance and had to wait. I also thought I could always read it in English afterwards. 

I went on and bought it, then started reading straightaway.

September 06, 2015

Featured on Popsugar?

Are you kidding me?

Three days ago, my brother texted me and said he'd seen my tattoo on a website.
I thought, "Yeah, every other person on this planet has a tattoo in the shape of an airplane, it just can't be me" but then he sent me some screenshots, and I had to believe him.

My tiny tattoo was featured on a huge post about tattoos on Popsugar.

Now, I don't know much about how Popsugar works, how many people actually read their posts or anything (although Wikipedia says it's the "47th largest network of websites in the US" and that should mean something) but they happened to find my picture on Instagram and they even mentioned me in the description, how crazy is that?

Here's the link to the article.
I have to say, I love most of the tattoos they featured and I'd like to know some of their tattoo artists.

Screenshot taken on September 4, 2015

Let me know what you think,

Marti xx

September 05, 2015

Tea for Me

I drink a lot of tea. A LOT. 
When it's winter and it's really cold outside, there's nothing better than a hot cup of tea to make you feel better. In summer, I like to drink it cold during the day and warm at night, even when the weather is still really hot. I drink plenty when I'm reading books, revising or just typing on my computer's keyboard (as I'm writing this, I'm drinking some special tea that I just bought and I am about to describe later on). 
I like to try different teas all the time, although if I had to choose I'd say my favourite is green tea.
My collection of teas and infusions keeps growing, at the moment I have some that taste like cinnamon, some fruity teas, some Yorkshire tea and green teas from many different brands and places. I also collect lots of mugs, the bigger the better.

September 04, 2015

Hello September!

September has already started, and I'd like to write down some resolutions for the next few weeks and mention something I'm thankful for.

Let's start with resolutions:
  • Get fit - I've gained weight lately, and I'd like to start working out and get in shape, as I don't feel comfortable with my body at the moment.
  • Revise Chinese characters - I'm not good at memorising things for a long time, and after my last Chinese exam I've completely stopped writing characters, but I'd like to revise a bit so that when the lessons begin again I'll be ready to learn new things.
  • Visit Turin - I have a friend who lives in Turin, a town in northern Italy that's not really far from mine, but I haven't seen her for a very long time. I'd like to go there and pay a visit.

Things I'm thankful for:
  • London - As you might know, I've been there on holidays with my boyfriend, and it has been wonderful. I really can't find words to describe how incredibe it has been to visit London with Lorenzo.
  • Family - In August I've spent some time with my family, and it's been great to catch up, since in the past few weeks we'd all been apart for a while. I also went to Mirabilandia with my brother, and we both loved it (we live for rollercoasters).
  • Our second anniversary - My boyfriend and I got together two years ago, and this year we went to Gardaland three days in a row to celebrate - Gardaland is another amusement park, I'm such a lucky lady, I've been to two amusement parks in the same month.

Now let's make the best out of September, before university starts again (last year, wohoo!).

Marti xx

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August 29, 2015

London in ten days and ten facts - part 3

  • Tube strike
We happened to be in London during the latest tube strike, and for the first time I had to find out how to move and reach places using the bus. I must admit I thought it would be harder, I actually managed to go everywhere with the famous double deckers. My boyfriend and I even managed to get to a pub in Hammersmith that was hosting an open mic (he played, I filmed). 
The thing I love about traveling in the streets instead of under the ground is that you get to see places you've never seen before and adjust the map that's in your head so that you are able to go everywhere more freely without losing your way.

  • My boyfriend plays guitar
Yeah, have I ever mentioned that? He plays guitar and sings and writes his own songs. I absolutely love everything about that, except maybe the fact that we can never travel light because of all the equipment he needs to bring with him. But that's not a big deal really, because every time I see him performing I just feel so proud to be his girlfriend and I don't care about anything else.
We spent time in some parks sometimes, so he could sing freely and rehearse his songs while watching the birds and the trees and the sky.

We've met in London two years ago, even though we are both Italians. We were introduced by a couple of sisters that are good friends of mine and had just got to know him because that summer they were all enrolled at the same music school in Kilburn. I'll never thank them enough. If it wasn't for them, I would have never met the incredible guy that now is my beloved boyfriend. A couple of things that made me fall for him were the fact that he dreamed of moving to London and that he liked Ed Sheeran. As you can see, music and London play an important role in my life.

  • Les Mis
There's one last thing I wanted to talk about, and it's my love for Carrie Hope Fletcher and Les Miserables.
The two things started separately, as I subscribed to Carrie's channel long before she was chosen to play Eponine, and my love for Les Mis built up through time, because I'd seen a film about it and I liked it and because when I watched the first episode of Glee I fell in love with the song they used to introduce Rachel, which was Eponine's On My Own.
I'd managed to get tickets to see the show two years ago, and it was the most amazing experience, so you can guess how happy I became as soon as my boyfriend bought our tickets. We saw the show on our last night in London, right before we had to catch our flight. We made the best out of our time, bought some merch and ice cream and went to the backstage door to meet the cast. We chatted a bit with Carrie (you have no idea how much I love her and admire her and respect her) and took a couple of pictures with my  boyfriend's iPhone ('That's what iPhones were made for' said Carrie, when we told her that we had a professional camera with us but we could as well use our mobile to take a selfie).

I think I'm going to film a video about Les Mis and upload it on my channel, and maybe also film a video dedicated to Carrie (that sounds a bit creepy but oh well).

If you are still here and managed to read through all of this and survive, thank you. Here's a cookie, just for you.

Marti xx

August 27, 2015

London in ten days and ten facts - part 2

  • Shopping
My boyfriend and I, we both love shopping. We often spend the day at the mall when we have nothing to do. It's great to have a boyfriend that doesn't despise shops, because I wouldn't be able to force him to visit a shop, so it's easier and lovely for both of us to spend time together this way.
We both love Topshop/Topman and many other places that can be found in Oxford Street and Regent street, but this time we spent much time visiting Carnaby street and all the other tiny streets all around. I had only been there once, and I loved to go back there and find many interesting places, such as Toms, Jack Wills or Benefit. That area is really nice and cured and definitely less crowded when compared to Oxford Street.

  • Waterstones
I've already mentioned the fact that we both love shopping, but one thing I didn't say is that the place where we spent most of our time was not a clothing shop but a bookstore. We love to read and find out new authors and write down on a piece of paper some interesting titles that we happen to discover. London is packed with bookstores and we entered each single one of them (well, every single one of those we met while walking around). Waterstones is our favourite group of bookstores, unfortunately it has no shops in Milan otherwise we would be there every other day.
I only bought two books, although I saw a thousand interesting titles. The first one I picked up was Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher, because I love her and her other books and I couldn't wait to read it. The second book I picked up was on the deal shelf (I don't remember how they called it, it was a shelf with all the books they were trying to get rid of because they were all bent and scratched), it's called The Land of Decoration and I only paid it £0.99 (I love to save books that have been mistreated, I always look for them when I go to flea markets or similar places).
I just said I bought two books, well, my boyfriend picked up about six or seven for himself. Needless to say I'm going to read them after I've finished mine.

  • Food
Any Italian, and probably even many British people, would think I'm mad if I ever told them that when I'm not in the UK I miss the British food. I live in the country that invented everybody's favourite recipes, from pizza to ice cream to spaghetti, and I would never live without them. I'm proud of knowing how to prepare the perfect lasagne or tiramis├╣ and I love Italian food as much as most of the world does. But in Italy there's no Starbucks, no Costa Coffee, no Pret a Manger, no Nando's. And I love all of these places and many more. When I'm out in Milan I always think it would be cool to be able to stop at Costa for a fancy coffee or get a takeaway sandwich at Pret, but I can never do that. Italy has close to no food chains, and most of the places in Milan are either expensive or low quality. I explored the city centre long enough to know where to go when I need to get something on the go, but honestly it's not the same thing.

[To be continued]

August 25, 2015

London in ten days and ten facts - part 1

  • Our home
We spent our nights in a beautiful apartment close to Oval tube station. I'd never been there before, but since day one the place really impressed me and my boyfriend. Some people we know let us sleep in their room while they were on holiday as well. We shared the apartment with their flatmate. The place was lovely both from the outside and inside. Our room was white themed and there was a huge bow window in front of our bed. I've always wanted to spend some time in a place like that, and finally had the chance to do so. The apartment also had a beautiful tiny garden that added a touch of loveliness to the place. I really wish I could call a place like that 'home' for a longer time. I hope my boyfriend and me will end up living in a place like this sometime in the future.
A couple of nights, while walking home from the tube station, we met a tiny fox. It has been a stunning experience for me, as foxes are some of my favourite animals and I'd never been so lucky to meet one on my path before.

  • Wonderful buildings
I'm a sucker for brilliant buildings, I love many different styles and characteristics. In London it's easy to find beautiful houses, skyscrapers, theatres and everything that has to do with architecture. I really enjoy the way architects have been able to mix ancient buildings and monuments, such as the Tower of London or St. Paul's Cathedral, with brand new ones like the Shard or the London Eye.
Everything, from churches to simple detached houses, catches my attention.
I'm not good at taking photos of humans but I really like how buildings turn out, especially when the light helps the camera. I like both the days when the sun is shining and the sky is blue and those when the clouds are heavy and it looks like is going to rain. The light that shines right before thunderstorms is my favourite of them all.

  • My favourite picture
During the time I spent in London, I was trying to improve my skills with my new Canon, therefore I tried to take some quality shots. The one I like the most is the following.

It's really easy and there's nothing particularly interesting in it, but I like the combination of colours (red and grey are some of my favourites, and my bedroom colour theme as well) and the sharp shape of those Chinese lanterns in contrast to the blurred background.

  • My favourite view
Okay, this is really hard. Every time I come back to London I end up in new places and each of them is equally wonderful to my eyes, but I remember the first time I've been to London, the first place I visited was Trafalgar square, and I remember looking at the lions, looking down the street that's behind them and thinking, 'This is the place where I want to spend the rest of my life.' From there, you can see the Big Ben, the Parliament, the double decker buses and many British flags. All the traditional symbols of London can be seen from that exact spot. Back then, looking at all of those things made me realise that, after all those years of waiting patiently, I was in London for real.

[To be continued]

July 29, 2015

Lush haul

I've recently been to Lush multiple times, and I ended up buying some products.
I've known Lush for a long time but I never really tried much, as many things are a bit expensive in my opinion. This time I decided to buy them anyway, as I was in the mood.

July 27, 2015

Ever heard of Bottega Verde?

Bottega Verde is an Italian brand of cosmetics and body products, and I really enjoy paying a visit to their shop from time to time as they always surprise me with huge sales and offers.

The last time I've been there, I signed up to get their fidelity card, and bought some skincare products.

July 25, 2015

Eye pencils, my first love.

I think I'm going to keep my beauty rants and reviews on the blog here rather than on my YouTube channel because most of my subscribers there are not really keen on makeup and beauty.

While thinking of a way to start my journey of beauty related posts, I ended up thinking back to where and when my makeup obsession has started. The first couple of products I ever started using were a stick concealer that my mum got me when I was about eleven (because I was facing a really bad acne back then) and a black kajal eyeliner by a brand called Deborah, which is a nice Italian drugstore brand. 
During my time at scuole medie (the school that children aged 11 to 14 have to attend to in Italy) I was so much different from now, I didn't really like fashion and such, I was in a weird phase and didn't want to feel mainstream, so I only used to paint my nails (mainly black I believe) and apply a thin line of pencil liner in the lower part of my eye. So much has changed as time passed, but I still love to apply my pencil liners. I have increased the range of colours, tried out different brands and changed the way I apply them, but my black pencil is still a faithful companion of mine.

Nowadays I mostly apply pencils right above my upper lashes, tracing a quite thick line and smudging the edges with a thin brush. 
My favourite brands and colours are going to be listed below. 

June 09, 2015

Tiny Chatty Haul

I just uploaded a video aaand I just hit 55 subscribers! Yay!
Click the play button if you want to see me talking about beauty products and a very special book that I just managed to put my hands on.

Thanks for watching!
Marti xx

May 29, 2015

First week of exams is over

I must say I'm happy with the results. The English Oral and Translation exams went definitely well, and the Italian exam that I did yesterday seemed almost easy to do. Now I'm waiting to find out what the professor will think of it, but I'm not too worried.

If you are wondering what kind of degree am I pursuing or where am I doing that, let me explain.
I am enrolled (is that a word?) at university in Milan, the Catholic University to be exact. I study to get a bachelor degree in languages and international relations, and I'm currently trying to pass the second year exams. This semester I still have seven exams to pass and I've already done three. Oh, and the languages I'm learning are English and Mandarin Chinese.

I'm also happy because in the meantime I managed to spend some time with my boyfriend and buy a couple of things while I was out, and that's always a fun thing to do. I love going shopping but I never spend too much because I'm really picky and all the things that I want to get need to be exactly what I wanted in terms of material, colours and fitting.
So far I've bought some jewellery and socks, I'm still looking for the perfect high-waisted skinny jeans (or trousers). It's so hard to find the perfect pair of jeans.

I found this beautiful statement necklace (and it was 50% off!) 

Well, now I have to go back to my English books, I'm revising for the next exam which is the English Written one. Today I also wanted to film a video for my YouTube channel but I'm not feeling too well so I think I won't do that. I'll see. 

Goodbye, thanks for stopping by. Have a good day :)
Marti xx

May 24, 2015

Hello everyone!

First of all, I wanted to thank you for stopping by.

I'm starting this blog as part of the project that I have already started some months ago on YouTube.
I feel like I need to do more, create stuff, talk to people, instead of just living in front of my computer screen observing somebody else's life and wishing I could do the things they do.

I can.
I can do all of these things.
or at least, I can try.

I have many, many dreams. I've always lived in my own world and dreamt of becoming an actress, or being able to sing, or having a blog, just to mention some of them.
Growing up, I often felt like most of them were too hard to pursue and said to myself that I should focus on the 'safe' ones and forget about the others. 

But then I always come across some people that are pursuing those dreams and I feel envious, honestly envious because I realise I gave up and they didn't. 

I want to start again and try to work on each one of them, one by one, taking baby steps until I'll manage to feel accomplished. I want to feel like I tried, I want to be proud of myself.

The first step has been creating a YouTube channel, now I'm working on matching it with this blog.
I'll try to do a good job with these two and then move onto the others (without giving up on videos and posts, hopefully).

The content of this blog is going to be pretty random and definitely personal.
I hope you'll like at least some of it.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting me,
Marti xx