November 28, 2015

Handmade Tea Advent Calendar

Hello you! 
Christmas is just around the corner, and I've always loved to count the days up to Christmas with the help of a nice advent calendar. When I was little, my mum used to buy calendars with chocolate or stickers for my brother and I, and sometimes she even made them with her own hands, sewing up small pockets with embroidered numbers on the front.

Last year I made a handmade calendar for my boyfriend, and he loved it so much I decided to make another one this year. 

The great thing about handmade advent calendars is that you can customise them in many ways. My boyfriend loves tea, so I decided to make him a tea advent calendar. This kind of calendar can become really expensive if you choose to buy it in a shop, while if you try to make it at home you can cut on the costs and still have a nice, original, flavoury calendar.

November 17, 2015

Smooth Skin Routine

As you might know by now, I love makeup and beauty products. One thing I really care about is my face, so I'm always on the hunt for the best products. I really can't stand liquid foundation (I don't know why, maybe it's just because I've never really got used to it) so I always do my best to make my skin look smooth and healthy without covering it in makeup.
I can call myself lucky because I don't have a serious issue with acne, I only have to face some red spots from time to time. My skin is pretty smooth but I have some dry patches and some areas affected by blackheads, although the problem seems to get smaller as I grow old up (thank you nature). If you are still a teenager, don't worry, you can always hope in the future. When I was younger I had major skin problems, and now they have almost vanished.

I am by no means an expert, so feel free to tell me if you believe something I do or say on my blog is wrong.

At the moment, the products I use are the following. 

November 11, 2015

A Fresh Start

Hey! New video! New computer! Now I'm ready to start again from where I left it all and go on with my conquer of the social medias ;)

Today I wanted to try something different, so I edited my video's thumbnail with an online photo editor called Fotor. I heard a blogger talking about it and decided to give it a go, and I must say I'm impressed.

The video is short and a bit random, but I like how it turned out. Hope you'll like it as well.

Now I should really go back to my university books and study for a while, but later today I'll also start planning my future blog posts.

See you next time,
Marti xx