August 07, 2016

Concerts Wishlist

Some weeks ago I posted my Summer books wishlist. Thought it could be nice to post my concert wishlist as well.

There are four artists/bands I'd really love to see live, I've already seen two of them in the past, been to some of their gigs, but I would definitely see them twice, or more.

August 03, 2016

If you had one wish right now...

About a month ago I was browsing Twitter and I came across this poll that Jemma from Dorkface (founder of #TheGirlGang) had created. She asked "If you had one wish right now, which of these things would it be concerning?" and the four options were Money, Health, Career and Love.

It might look like a silly, innocent Twitter poll, but this "simple" question started a war in my head.