June 28, 2017

Peculiar Playlist of the Past

I listen to a lot of different artists, but I only have a few selected songs on my phone. There is no specific reason for that, the main reason is that I don't use it to listen to music too often and that I need those extra MB of storage for pictures and apps (#firstworldproblems, right?).

Anyway, I was washing the dishes earlier and I decided that I wanted to just listen to something good, but I didn't know what to pick. Lately I've been listening to Hamilton's soundtrack non-stop (no pun intended), but I wanted something a bit different today. So I just put my phone on shuffle and clicked play.

I want to share with you a selection of the songs that came up, because I like how random and old and beautiful they all are.

Let's start from Hank Green's bits. I have a couple of his albums and I know them by heart, I love his lyrics and the music is always really catchy. 

Strange Charm - I mean, how many other songs can actually save you during an oral examination in high school?

Shake-a-Booty - I challenge you not to dance while you're listening to this one.

A Song About an Anglerfish - I have always loved this one. The lyrics are quite weird but also really deep, and the tune just sticks in your head for days.
Because you can't hate the night
If you've lived your whole life without light
And you can't hate the dish
If you've only ever eaten fish
And you can't feel alone
If it's all you've ever known...
Let's move onto wizard rock music. My favourite bits are from the Ministry of Magic and Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls. Since I usually only listen to music from authors that I respect as human beings, I always wonder if it's morally correct for me to listen to Luke Conard's music after the scandal he's been involved into (especially because I love Kristina Horner a lot and she has been one of the girls that he mistreated). So far I have kept listening to my favourite tracks, although knowing that bad things happened behind the music makes me sad. 

Ascendio - This is easily my favourite track out of all the wizard rock songs I know. I find the music and lyrics really powerful, they speak to me as if I was Harry himself. 
I'll be a wizard, I'll be a hero
So much more than I
Could imagine with my mind
I'm not a burden
Not good for nothing
I am the Boy Who Lived
The one to save the world
My other favourites are Snape vs Snape and The Bravest Man I Ever Knew - in case you didn't know, I am a huge fan of Snape.

End of an Era - This is the only track I have in my playlist that is from Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, and it's another powerful song, especially because I remember very well the time when what the song says was real.

The next group of tracks is just absolutely random, and for most of the artists that's the only thing I really listen to out of their discography - but all of them are songs that I absolutely love.

Jasey Rae by All Time Low
I hope the air will serve to remind you
That my heart is as cold
As the clouds of your breath
I Miss You by Blink 182

SOS (Save This Ship) by Ashley Frangipane - I still like Halsey but style-wise I preferred her previous songs, I guess.
Now I wonder what it's like to run my fingers through your hair, but I'll never know
And I wonder what it's like to come home late and have you there, but I'll never know
And I've memorized every line on your fingertips
And I've fantasized about what it's like to say goodnight to your kiss
Ever After by Marianas Trench
Don't you move
Can't you stay where you are, just for now?
I could be your perfect disaster
You could be my ever after
Jersey by Mayday Parade

Sentiments by Dr. Noise
Each one learning to find their own meaning
All the sentiments, all the life lessons
How to burn a bridge, how to make it right
How to love someone, how to make it known
How to run away, and to come back home
As you might have noticed, I haven't mentioned musical soundtracks. I decided to keep the playlist musical-free because I feel like I talk about musicals enough everywhere else.

Have a nice evening and enjoy some great music,
Martina x

June 26, 2017

Happy Potterversary

Happy Twentieth Potterversary my dear friends!

I am thankful everyday for the existence of Harry Potter. I wouldn't be the person I am without JK Rowling. All my childhood and teenage years have been influenced by those stories, and they are a huge part of what I am right now as well. If I had to describe myself with just one thing I would mention my love for Harry Potter. (If I could add a second thing it would be musicals, then travelling and family. These are pretty much the things that describe me the most).

Anyway, I am not a huge hoarder, but I collect anything HP related. Unfortunately my whole collection is in Italy (sigh), so today I decided to get myself a little something to celebrate the first book's birthday. I bought the brand new Gryffindor edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I absolutely love it and I am so happy that I got it, and happy that I decided to do that on this day. It will be a beautiful thing that I will remember on years to come.

As I am writing this, End of an Era by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls came up on shuffle on my phone. How appropriate.

I will end the post here, but I might pick up Harry Potter as a topic for more posts in the future, because there are so many things I could just talk about, and I could go on for hours as well.

I will add more pictures to this post soon, for now just enjoy baby Martina dressed up as a Hogwarts student in 2003.

Something just occurred to me while I was reading
Another book that I had heard could be the next big thing
I thought what would I give, if that could be true
If I could ever feel again the way I felt when I read you
I'd pay a million galleons
I'd dress up like I go to Beauxbatons
I'd tattoo my head with a lightning bolt
I'd pawn my wand and Firebolt
But no matter how many good things I'm told
Everything I read turns out to be leprechaun gold.
It's been so many years no matter how I try
To read more young adult fiction
I keep coming up dry
It's like water water everywhere and not a drop to drink
My frustration and my agony have pushed me to the brink
I keep tilting back the glass but I never taste the water
It seems no matter what I read I think, "This is not Harry Potter."
- Hank Green, This Is Not Harry Potter

Martina x

June 11, 2017

Clouds and Birds

As you might know already, whenever my boyfriend and I have a few hours to spend together we like to go out and take a walk around London. Lately our favourite places to visit have been parks, as we really enjoy taking pictures there and just generally walking around observing nature. Birds and flowers are the perfect subject to practice my photography skills as they usually don't care (or complain) about being photographed.

On Friday we went to Hyde Park after work and we hang out there for a while. Here you can see some of the pictures I've taken with my new camera.


This post was pretty pointless but oh well, I promise next time I'll do better.

Martina x