Ever heard of Bottega Verde?

By Martina - Monday, July 27, 2015

Bottega Verde is an Italian brand of cosmetics and body products, and I really enjoy paying a visit to their shop from time to time as they always surprise me with huge sales and offers.

The last time I've been there, I signed up to get their fidelity card, and bought some skincare products.

First of all I got a face cleanser (Make-up removing gel with Quillaia for face and eyes) that I had already bought in the past and it's a staple in my makeup bag. It's a brownish gel that looks so much like the average soap but it's perfect to clean the skin and remove every bit of makeup, eyes included. It doesn't burn the eyes and doesn't make them red and sore, and it also removes the toughest mascaras and eyeliners. I love to take it with me on holiday because it's a multipurpose product. When I'm at home I tend to use different products to remove makeup from my eyes, to clean my face and to wash it in the morning, but on holidays I can use that product only and get the same result. The packaging, with its tiny pump, is perfect to get the right amount of product without wasting it. I would really recommend you to try this, especially if you happen to find it on sale as I did. It was 75% off when I bought it.

The next product I decided to try was kindly given me half price, because when I signed up to get their fidelity card they also gave me 50% off some products that weren't discounted otherwise. I chose a face cream with cucumber extract that is supposed to reduce the shiny effect that people with oily skin (like me) often get (Normalizing, mattifying face cream with Cucumber extract). I haven't tried it yet because I still have to finish my current bottle of face cream, but this Bottega Verde one is going to be the next. I'm sure it's going to be good because I have a friend who only uses their creams as she thinks she has never found anything better, and I really trust her judgment (I know that we all have different skins and so we might have different opinions, but I'm quite sure this brand won't let me down too much. I'll let you know once I'll have tested it, anyway).

The third product I got was discounted as well, it is an exfoliating cleanser (Pink grapefruit exfoliating gel cleanser). I haven't tried many exfoliating products so far, but this one looks good and I'm sure it will help my face feel cleaner. As for the cream, I still have to finish the old one before opening it, so I'll let you know better once I'll have opened it. 

After I paid for my products, the lady at the counter kindly gifted me with some samples. 
She gave me a tiny bottle of BB cream that I can't wait to try, it has SPF15 and looks really pretty (BB cream - Face Perfector - Hydrating and enhancing treatment with Hyaluronic acid and Pomegranate). Then she gave me some coconut shower gel (Bath and Shower foam with Coconut milk) and sun protecting cream (Sun milk for glowing, silken skin with Monoi and Vanilla extract), both are going to be really useful during holidays as I love to travel light (and try new products).

You can check out Bottega Verde's international website (www.bottegaverde.eu) and see if they ship to your Country, as I think their products might not be easy to find in shops outside Italy. And if you ever happen to find yourself in Italy, I suggest you visit one of their tiny shops and check out some of their products.

Had you ever heard of this brand before?
Which product would you like to try?

Let me know what you think of my beauty posts, I really need to know if I'm doing a good job or I should improve it.

Marti xx

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