Eye pencils, my first love.

By Martina - Saturday, July 25, 2015

I think I'm going to keep my beauty rants and reviews on the blog here rather than on my YouTube channel because most of my subscribers there are not really keen on makeup and beauty.

While thinking of a way to start my journey of beauty related posts, I ended up thinking back to where and when my makeup obsession has started. The first couple of products I ever started using were a stick concealer that my mum got me when I was about eleven (because I was facing a really bad acne back then) and a black kajal eyeliner by a brand called Deborah, which is a nice Italian drugstore brand. 
During my time at scuole medie (the school that children aged 11 to 14 have to attend to in Italy) I was so much different from now, I didn't really like fashion and such, I was in a weird phase and didn't want to feel mainstream, so I only used to paint my nails (mainly black I believe) and apply a thin line of pencil liner in the lower part of my eye. So much has changed as time passed, but I still love to apply my pencil liners. I have increased the range of colours, tried out different brands and changed the way I apply them, but my black pencil is still a faithful companion of mine.

Nowadays I mostly apply pencils right above my upper lashes, tracing a quite thick line and smudging the edges with a thin brush. 
My favourite brands and colours are going to be listed below. 

  • Kiko Smart Eye Pencil 800 Golden Silk
This is my favourite pencil from Kiko. I've tried many, as Kiko is a really popular brand in my area and I'm lucky enough to live close to some stores, and I found out that every colour is different. Some of them are rough on the skin or not really pigmented. This one, number 800, is a pale pinkish-gold that looks really subtle as you swatch it on your hand but adds a beautiful effect on the eyes. I've received many compliments on my makeup while only wearing this and a touch of mascara. It really opens up the eyes and can also be used in the inner corner as a highlighter. It's really easy to put on and I usually apply it in a really thick line, almost as a light eyeshadow. It's a staple in my makeup bag and I wear it every time I need to apply makeup really quickly and want to wear a casual, no-makeup look.
(You can find it here)
  • Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil 01 Black Fever
I love Essence's pencils, I think those are their best product. Since Essence is really cheap, I tend to experiment a bit with their makeup, but many products don't last long in my makeup bag as I don't really appreciate them, while these have been there from the first time I tried them. The black one is very pigmented and soft, it's easy to apply and lasts really long without disappearing. The thing I love the most is the fact that you just have to twist it to make the point appear, it's not a traditional wooden pencil. This allows the point to always be sharp and makes this pencil perfect to be thrown in a bag and taken everywhere.
(You can find it here)
  • Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil 18 Berry Merry 
I really love this colour, I love to wear it so much I've even bought some skinny trousers of the same shade. It works perfectly, as well as the black one.
Years ago I used to be obsessed with another of their pencils, the number 14 Think Khaki, but unfortunately that one got discontinued, just as the 18 Berry Merry did recently. That pencil is still my favourite shade of green and every time I have to buy a new green one I always compare it to that one in my head, because not only was it easy to use, but it was also the perfect colour to match my eyes, and I love to wear khaki green to match my eye colour.
  • & Other Stories Eye Pencil Mohair Khaki
This pencil is the current substitute to the aforementioned Essence one, and so far has done a good job. It's wooden and a bit dark, but really pigmented and long lasting. I bought it during winter sales and was the first product I ever tried from their range, the modest price and the pigmentation really won me and now I always end up looking through their makeup (which is really pretty) when I pop in the shop.
(You can find it here)
  • & Other Stories Eye Pencil Birrus Rust
I bought this along with the khaki one and I'm loving it even more. Its rusty colour really caught my eye when I first saw it, and I must admit I really like the look of it when I wear it. Just as the other one, it's really soft, pigmented and long lasting.
(As I can't find it on the website, I think it might be discontinued, but maybe it's still availabe in stores)
  • Deborah Kajal 118
I thought I couldn't end this post without mentioning the first green eye pencil I ever used, which is from the same brand as my first black one. I still have it after years, I'm not using it anymore because I don't like to wear old makeup just in case it irritates my skin or eyes (both very sensitive), but I can't really throw it in the bin.
(You can find it here)

Okay, I now have spent some words on my current favourites and I have no idea how to end this post.
I guess I'll leave you with some questions:

Which eye pencils do you like to wear?
Have you ever tried the ones I mentioned?
Which others would you suggest me to try?

Hope you enjoyed reading through my post! Feel free to leave comments and if you see any mistake please let me know, I know my English is not perfect.

Marti xx

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