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By Martina - Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I've recently been to Lush multiple times, and I ended up buying some products.
I've known Lush for a long time but I never really tried much, as many things are a bit expensive in my opinion. This time I decided to buy them anyway, as I was in the mood.

I first started with a hair conditioner (A.A.A. Cercasi..., also called Retread), because I had just finished mine, which had been purchased in a grocery store, and I wanted to try something fancier than that.

Then I picked up two Space Girl bath bombs (which I can't find on the UK web store), because I love their shape, colour and on top of it all their perfume. I bought two because I've decided to put one in each part of my wardrobe, to make all my clothes smell nice and fresh (you didn't expect that, did you?).

While I was at the counter, I ended up looking at their lip products. I had already bought one some weeks before, a lip scrub which I really like called Mint Julips - I heard a friend of mine talking about it some days before and trusted her taste - and I decided to try a pretty pigmented balm that looks like it can be used as a highlighter too. It's called Latte and it's really easy to apply, I believe little goes a long way with this one (unfortunately, all products' names get changed here in Italy, so instead of 'Latte' my balm is called 'Svegliami', which means 'Wake Me Up').

The nice girl behind the counter kindly gifted me with two samples, one of which is a product I was really looking forward to testing as I love its colour and texture, their body scrub called Rub Rub Rub, and the other was a tiny pot of fresh face mask (Cupcake). I love to apply masks to my face so I was really glad she gave it to me.

The whole shopping experience cheered me up as I was having a bad day that day; I had just done a written exam that didn't went particularly well and I needed to stop thinking about that. I don't know about you, but I believe a bit of shopping can always help defeating this kind of small everyday problems.

What are your favourite Lush products? 
Have you ever tried any of their solid shampoo? 
I want to know that because I'm really intrigued by them.

Thanks for passing by,
Marti xx

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