London in ten days and ten facts - part 1

By Martina - Tuesday, August 25, 2015

  • Our home
We spent our nights in a beautiful apartment close to Oval tube station. I'd never been there before, but since day one the place really impressed me and my boyfriend. Some people we know let us sleep in their room while they were on holiday as well. We shared the apartment with their flatmate. The place was lovely both from the outside and inside. Our room was white themed and there was a huge bow window in front of our bed. I've always wanted to spend some time in a place like that, and finally had the chance to do so. The apartment also had a beautiful tiny garden that added a touch of loveliness to the place. I really wish I could call a place like that 'home' for a longer time. I hope my boyfriend and me will end up living in a place like this sometime in the future.
A couple of nights, while walking home from the tube station, we met a tiny fox. It has been a stunning experience for me, as foxes are some of my favourite animals and I'd never been so lucky to meet one on my path before.

  • Wonderful buildings
I'm a sucker for brilliant buildings, I love many different styles and characteristics. In London it's easy to find beautiful houses, skyscrapers, theatres and everything that has to do with architecture. I really enjoy the way architects have been able to mix ancient buildings and monuments, such as the Tower of London or St. Paul's Cathedral, with brand new ones like the Shard or the London Eye.
Everything, from churches to simple detached houses, catches my attention.
I'm not good at taking photos of humans but I really like how buildings turn out, especially when the light helps the camera. I like both the days when the sun is shining and the sky is blue and those when the clouds are heavy and it looks like is going to rain. The light that shines right before thunderstorms is my favourite of them all.

  • My favourite picture
During the time I spent in London, I was trying to improve my skills with my new Canon, therefore I tried to take some quality shots. The one I like the most is the following.

It's really easy and there's nothing particularly interesting in it, but I like the combination of colours (red and grey are some of my favourites, and my bedroom colour theme as well) and the sharp shape of those Chinese lanterns in contrast to the blurred background.

  • My favourite view
Okay, this is really hard. Every time I come back to London I end up in new places and each of them is equally wonderful to my eyes, but I remember the first time I've been to London, the first place I visited was Trafalgar square, and I remember looking at the lions, looking down the street that's behind them and thinking, 'This is the place where I want to spend the rest of my life.' From there, you can see the Big Ben, the Parliament, the double decker buses and many British flags. All the traditional symbols of London can be seen from that exact spot. Back then, looking at all of those things made me realise that, after all those years of waiting patiently, I was in London for real.

[To be continued]

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