Featured on Popsugar?

By Martina - Sunday, September 06, 2015

Are you kidding me?

Three days ago, my brother texted me and said he'd seen my tattoo on a website.
I thought, "Yeah, every other person on this planet has a tattoo in the shape of an airplane, it just can't be me" but then he sent me some screenshots, and I had to believe him.

My tiny tattoo was featured on a huge post about tattoos on Popsugar.

Now, I don't know much about how Popsugar works, how many people actually read their posts or anything (although Wikipedia says it's the "47th largest network of websites in the US" and that should mean something) but they happened to find my picture on Instagram and they even mentioned me in the description, how crazy is that?

Here's the link to the article.
I have to say, I love most of the tattoos they featured and I'd like to know some of their tattoo artists.

Screenshot taken on September 4, 2015

Let me know what you think,

Marti xx

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