Hello September!

By Martina - Friday, September 04, 2015

September has already started, and I'd like to write down some resolutions for the next few weeks and mention something I'm thankful for.

Let's start with resolutions:
  • Get fit - I've gained weight lately, and I'd like to start working out and get in shape, as I don't feel comfortable with my body at the moment.
  • Revise Chinese characters - I'm not good at memorising things for a long time, and after my last Chinese exam I've completely stopped writing characters, but I'd like to revise a bit so that when the lessons begin again I'll be ready to learn new things.
  • Visit Turin - I have a friend who lives in Turin, a town in northern Italy that's not really far from mine, but I haven't seen her for a very long time. I'd like to go there and pay a visit.

Things I'm thankful for:
  • London - As you might know, I've been there on holidays with my boyfriend, and it has been wonderful. I really can't find words to describe how incredibe it has been to visit London with Lorenzo.
  • Family - In August I've spent some time with my family, and it's been great to catch up, since in the past few weeks we'd all been apart for a while. I also went to Mirabilandia with my brother, and we both loved it (we live for rollercoasters).
  • Our second anniversary - My boyfriend and I got together two years ago, and this year we went to Gardaland three days in a row to celebrate - Gardaland is another amusement park, I'm such a lucky lady, I've been to two amusement parks in the same month.

Now let's make the best out of September, before university starts again (last year, wohoo!).

Marti xx

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