La Casa dei Sogni by Marzia Bisognin

By Martina - Monday, September 07, 2015

Disclaimer: this post does NOT contain spoilers regarding the plot or characters of the book, only my opinion about the novel as a whole.

Some weeks ago, the novel CutiePieMarzia has written was released in many bookshops across Italy. Since the main publisher is an Italian group, they have decided to print the Italian copies first and then make it available worldwide.

I was wandering inside a tiny bookshop in Liguria when I first noticed it on the top shelf of the wall I was facing in that moment. At the time I was still reading another book, so I decided to wait before buying it, also because I knew the original book had been written in English and the Italian edition had been translated (not by the author, and I prefer to read books in the language used by the author to write them).

After a couple of days I changed my mind and decided to read it in Italian anyway, because I thought I should take advantage of the fact I was able to read it in my first language since many other Marzipans didn't have this chance and had to wait. I also thought I could always read it in English afterwards. 

I went on and bought it, then started reading straightaway.

I'm not going to write down any spoiler, don't worry.
I just wanted to share my impressions about the novel as a whole.

First of all, I like the fact that the story is so well written that it can be read both by teenagers and grown-ups and be appreciated by everyone. It's really catchy. 
When I got the book I didn't really know what to expect because she said in her videos that the novel was going to contain a hint of horror/thriller and I don't really have much experience with those fields as I scare easily and tend to become hugely paranoid over the stupidest things. But now that I have read it I can safely say to anyone to go ahead and read it. Don't be put off by that. If I survived, you can survive too. And maybe appreciate the book as much as I did.

I like the characters and ideas behind the plot, I found them rather original and although I have to admit I guessed how the book was going to end mid-way through the novel, that didn't keep me from enjoying it a lot. I loved it more than I expected when I first opened it. Being the first book she has ever written, I have to say she did a great job. I would never be able to do the same.

I think the whole book says much about the author, and by saying that I don't mean that the book is autobiographical or anything, I just mean that I could see Marzia's style through the pages, the story was definitely hers. I was able to see her fingerprint through the pages the same way as I perceive it through her videos. I don't know her deeply, I love her channel and the fact that she's different and unique but I haven't watched all of her videos or met her, so I don't really know her as a person, but the little things she let us know through her videos and social media are definitely coherent with the content of her book.

Okay, I've said too much. All I can add is, I hope you'll enjoy this book as much as I did.

Marti xx

PS. I wrote this post in July and then forgot to upload it, so it has been a while since I've read the book. I've decided to leave everything as it was, I hope it doesn't look incomplete.

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