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By Martina - Tuesday, September 08, 2015

I didn't really know how to call this post, since the word 'update' usually refers to something that's already been mentioned on a blog, and I've never written a post like this one, but "This is a list of the best makeup and beauty products I discovered this summer" seemed a bit too long.

Anyway, in short, this is a list of the best makeup and beauty products I discovered this summer. Ha.

I didn't really go on a shopping spree or anything (except for a tiny Superdrug haul) but I collected a couple of things while I was out with my mum, my boyfriend and even out on my own.

Let's start with makeup. The first thing worth mentioning is a lipstick that I bought when I first visited the new Wycon shop in Milan. I'd just had a difficult exam and I felt very disappointed with how it had turned out, so I decided to buy myself some gifts to cheer myself up. I went for a Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade 04 Borgogna because I'd seen a girl on Instagram wearing it and it looked really nice.
I love lip products but I'm always too scared to wear bright colours or dark colours, I usually opt for nudes, but this one really made me change my mind. I tried it on for the first time while I was out with my boyfriend and he took some pictures of me, and for the first time, looking at those pictures, I felt like an actress, a model, I don't even know, the colour didn't look strange on my lips at all. It made me think I looked pretty and confident, I looked like someone who knows her style and what suits her best, and that doesn't happen too often (I always feel like my clothes and makeup do not make a statement, they just look average and boring).
My problem with colourful lipsticks is that they usually don't last long, you always have to check yourself in the mirror just to make sure they didn't fade or go out of place, but this liquid lipstick didn't show that problem. I found out I could easily drink something or eat and still have a nice amount of it left on my lips afterwards. After applying it, it quickly dries on the lips leaving a nice colour, matte and intense. It's quite easy to apply and it doesn't dry the lips too much, an issue that I've found with many other lip products. I think I'll soon pay a visit to the Wycon shop again.

The next makeup product is a highlighter from another Italian brand, Kiko. It was part of a collection called On-The-Go Minis and I believe it was limited edition because I can't find it anywhere on the website. It's called 02 Beam of Light and it's a sparkly gold tone that doesn't look too glittery when applied. I really loved this product this summer because I decided to take it with me wherever to apply it both as a highlighter and a pale eyeshadow, and it really did the job for me. I applied it almost everyday when I was on holiday or didn't sleep at home and didn't have my full makeup collection with me. I'm really glad I bought this because most of my recent purchases at Kiko were just meh, not relevant, and I was starting losing interest for the brand.

The last makeup product I'd like to mention is a nail polish from Barry M, from the line called Gelly Hi Shine, in the colour Huckleberry. I bought it in the UK because I'd promised to my boyfriend that I would wear nail polish more, and after trying this one I really did. I had a bad experience with the white one from the same line (called Coconut), because it took hours to get dry and I ended up ruining it on the first day, but this pastel blue shade is so much easier to apply, I really appreciated that. I usually wear Kiko nail polishes because they dry almost instantly, but they chip instantly as well. This Barry M one lasted a really long time without chipping, it only started getting a bit cracky after six to seven days. I've already took it off and painted my nails all over again a couple of times (and that's a record for me). I can't wait to give a second chance to the white one.

I noticed my post is getting a bit long, so I think I'll change the title from "Makeup & Beauty Update" to "Makeup Update" and talk about the beauty products in a different post.

Thanks for everyone who stopped here and read my post,
Marti xx

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