About broken computers and going to the gym

By Martina - Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hello everyone!

This month everything went back to normality. University courses started again and I had a hard time trying to balance my free time activities, my friends and boyfriend and my lessons and student duties.

My brother's old personal computer (that I had adopted last year as soon as my own computer had passed away) decided to leave me and suddenly stopped working, leaving me with only a tablet to do all the things I used to do with a computer.
Of course I had to stop editing and uploading videos, but I also ended up not writing any post for my blog (well, this blog) and using social medias less and less.
I did that because, on top of the fact I actually find it hard to do some things with a small tablet, I also started attending lectures at university and ended up needing the tablet to write down notes and school stuff.

In the meantime, I finally joined a gym and started doing exercises twice a week. This made me feel so accomplished but left me with less free time. In that free time I had to learn how to balance all the rest.

Now, after a three weeks' test, I feel ready to bring back all the Internet activities to my routine.
There are so many videos I need to watch, footage to edit, posts to write. I'm about to buy a brand new PC so I should be able to do that quite soon.

I can't wait to be back and active, I missed all of this. I'm thankful for those who didn't run away and decided to subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me with Bloglovin during this month, it really means a lot.

Thank you
Marti xx

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