Getting Festive

By Martina - Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Christmas spirit has invaded my home. Last week I paid a visit to the basement, grabbed all the boxes that contain all the christmassy stuff we have collected over the years and took them upstairs. 
I also went grocery shopping with my mum and picked up some new fairy lights as our old ones were broken and then adorned the Christmas tree with our old baubles and ornaments plus some new bells I bought at the supermarket along with the lights.

Then I set up the nativity scene with my beloved statuines (they were my nan's, they are very old and a bit worn out but I love them so much, I would never replace them). This is an Italian tradition that might not be too popular in other countries, basically here most catholic families display a small nativity scene to commemorate the religious meaning of Christmas along with the more secular one, which is represented by the Christmas tree. This year I wanted to add something new to the scene, so I made some tiny trees, sticking together some moss and twigs. 

I also started wrapping my friends' gifts, which I had bought in advance.
While I was out shopping for gifts I bought myself a little Tiger advent calendar, which is super cute and has the tiniest windows I've ever seen.

Now I can't really wait to go to all the Christmas parties I have not been invited to yet, and to eat all the food (for Christmas food is the best food).

Has the Christmas spirit entered your house yet? Show me your pictures, link all your posts, I want to see your beautiful ornaments and get some inspiration!

Marti xx

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  1. Oh I love your Nativity! I think that it's age and fact it was your Nan's makes it extra special. I'm not religious but I do think more people should remember the true meaning of Christmas. Some of my favorite memories of being a child at Christmas are my singing solos in the school Nativity as I went to a Catholic school :)

    Danielle xo

    1. Thank you <3 I also have similar memories from my childhood, my family has always had plenty of Christmas-related traditions and I still love all of them, from going to the midnight mass to eating prawn cocktail and playing bingo with my aunties