One Day Trip to Bologna

By Martina - Sunday, December 06, 2015

Hello! I'm sitting on my boyfriend's bed and trying to write down some christmassy posts I had planned to upload but miserably failed to prepare. It's not like I didn't try at all, I did, only I despised the final result and ended up deleting them. In the meantime, let me upload some pictures.

Yesterday we took a trip to Bologna, a wonderful Italian town where we had already been together a couple of times. My boyfriend had to go there to buy a new guitar and I tagged along. We travelled by train from Milan to Bologna in the morning, then ate at McDonald's (don't judge) and hopped on another train right after our meal to get to the place where we were supposed to find the guitar. Everything went fine there and soon we were travelling back to the town centre with a brand new Gibson and two happy smiles.

After reaching the train station we walked as fast as we could towards our favourite teashop and ordered some tea and muffins. I chose a Christmas-themed infusion called "Stella Cometa" (Italian for shooting star) which was made of cinnamon, orange, apple and some other spices and herbs. It was really good, the scent was strong but as I drank it I didn't find it too overpowering (often cinnamon based infusions end up being a bit too strong, bitter even). My boyfriend picked a gunpowder green tea.

We rested there for a while and then walked back to the train station as we had to catch our train to go home. The centre was all lighted up and pretty, there were lots of families and couples around and all the shops were open and inviting, with Christmas-themed windows and gift ideas displayed everywhere. Unfortunately I didn't manage to shoot nice pictures as I only had my compact camera (which is not too keen on nocturnal pictures) with me.

We got home late and put together some quick sandwiches to eat in front of the TV while watching the first season of Elementary. We have just started watching it after picking it quite randomly between all the series that are available on Sky On Demand. We both like it so far (although I still prefer BBC Sherlock).

You've reached the end of this random post. Thank you for stopping by, you nice human being. Hope you like my blog :)

See you soon!
Marti xx

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