First Depop Experience

By Martina - Saturday, February 13, 2016

In January I downloaded Depop on my tablet because I wanted to see what was on sale in my area.
I looked up some makeup items that I really wanted to try and found a user that had many interesting things at fair prices. I contacted her and we texted for a while (I need to trust the sellers before buying anything from their shops), then I chose what to get from her and we made a deal. She's a really nice person and I enjoyed chatting with her.

I ended up getting six items, the seventh was kindly gifted by her.
I choose a UD Naked Basics palette, a Neve Cosmetics flatbuki and some mineral products from Neve Cosmetics.

I paid €15 for the palette, €6 for the brush and €1.50 for each mini jar. I spent €27 in total, which is still less than getting a new Naked Basics, so I'm happy and quite proud of my choices.

The palette shows some wear and tear on the outside, which is totally fine by me, since the eyeshadows inside are still quite new and you can even see the pattern that was printed on them in the beginning.

The brush is super soft and looks new, I've already washed it for good measure but it had clearly been washed by the former owner as well.

The mini jars have only been swatched once or twice, they are still full of mineral powder and when I opened them I found out they still had the little sticker that prevents powder from falling out by accident. I picked a green concealer, a blush in the colour English Rose and two eyeshadows, Chai Tea and Chiffon (which was part of a collection and has a wonderful art deco lid). The nice seller then gifted me with another eyeshadow called Audrey, which really surprised me when I swatched it, I'm glad she chose to give it to me.

I still have to try most of the products on my face, but I've already swatched all of them on my arm and I'm impressed with how pigmented they are. I can't wait to wear them!

Have you ever bought anything on Depop?

Marti xx

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  1. Sounds like you got a pretty great deal here :) I've only bought a few things off of Depop so far, but I much prefer ebay as it's a lot more accessible for people - especially those who dont have smart phones! Tania xx

    1. Yeah, I definitely agree :) The thing I like about Depop is that it feels a bit more personal, you get to chat with the sellers and you mostly see pictures of the actual item you're buying, while on eBay I often find pictures and accounts that feel less 'real'