Finally Free

By Martina - Saturday, July 30, 2016

Seems about the right time to upload a post titled 'Finally Free'. One week ago I had my last uni exam of the so called 'Summer session'... Now I have some weeks of holidays before the next session of exams and then, if everything goes according to plan, I will be done with exams forever.

However, my post is not about university. I actually wanted to talk about a little happy product I purchased lately, my very first MAC lipstick. Hooray!

Let's start from the very beginning.

I've been lusting after MAC products for ages, I've been dreaming of buying a couple of pretty lipsticks that could become my signature colours for quite a while but I've always been scared of visiting MAC stores because in the past the attitude of the shop assistants had always managed to put me off. I'm shy and it takes forever for me to pick a product/shade and feel sure I want to buy it and MAC shop assistants have always made me feel under pressure - unwanted even - so I never really had the courage to ask them for help. Since it's hard to pick the perfect colour online, checking out a couple of swatches on other blogs, I just decided to wait.

One day I was browsing the Internet and I found a post about Caitlyn Jenner's collab with MAC and their new shade - Finally Free - a lipstick that was supposed to look good on anyone. I liked the name of it, I thought it could look good on me, most of all I liked the fact that all the profit went to a charity that supports the transgender community, so I decided to buy it and let it be my first MAC product.

I ordered it online (as it was an online exclusive product) and when I got the parcel I immediately opened it up and tried the lipstick on me. I really loved the colour and I laughed a little when I realised it was quite similar to two of my other lipsticks, which coincidentally are two of my favourites, my most worn shades. I guess Caitlyn Jenner was right.

I've worn it a few times to test out its qualities.

So far, I have found it to be easy to apply (even without a lip pencil) and quite moisturising. It is also really long-lasting, I tried to eat and drink while wearing it and it survived, though it had to be touched up a little.

The only problem I have found is the fact that it tends to feather/bleed around my upper lip, which is a shame because I'd never experienced that with any other lipstick before. I think I will buy a transparent lip liner and try to fix the problem with that.

As soon as I'll have a transparent lip liner in my hands I'll probably start wearing this shade more. In the meantime I'll just stare at the cute MAC packaging and smell its scent (this sounds really weird, I know).

Do you have any favourite MAC lipstick?

Marti xx

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