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By Martina - Sunday, August 07, 2016

Some weeks ago I posted my Summer books wishlist. Thought it could be nice to post my concert wishlist as well.

There are four artists/bands I'd really love to see live, I've already seen two of them in the past, been to some of their gigs, but I would definitely see them twice, or more.

Ed Sheeran
I mean, who wouldn't? That guy has been around for just a few years and has already marked our generation. Everybody loves his music, his songs are wonderful poems, he is able to mix up ballads and rap in the same album without making them clash. Genius. I love his voice and I've been lucky enough to see him live a couple of years ago and I'm so happy I did. Plus I have a thing for gingers (who doesn't?).

It took me a while to fully appreciate the talent of this man. When 'Take Me to Church' came out, it was everywhere, and that annoyed me, I don't know why, so I didn't really pay much attention. Then my boyfriend made me listen to the full album, and I changed my mind in a second. Hozier's voice, the rhythm of his songs, the lyrics, I started appreciating every detail. I've never had the chance to see him perform live but I hope I will. I heard his performances at festivals are great so I'm pretty sure he won't disappoint me.

With Passenger, it was love at first sight (love at first listen?). I was in the UK when I heard 'Let Her Go' for the first time and I fell in love. When I went back home and got a faster wifi connection I started listening to it on repeat and I listened to the full album. I was sold. I love it when songs tell stories, and to me that's what his music does. Plus he's a sweetheart, his concert is one of the best ones I've ever been to, I'm honest. He's coming back to Milan in September but I doubt I'll be able to see him, but hopefully another time soon I will.

I don't remember exactly the day I started listening to McFly. Before I decided to give them a go, I'd heard people talk about them on the web a few times. I'd also followed Carrie Hope Fletcher for a while on YouTube, I probably decided to check out Tom's band because of her, but I really can't remember. What I know is that ever since I started listening to them I've fallen in love more and more with their music and with them as people, Tom in particular (those who know me well might know that I worship the Fletchers. Tom, Carrie, Giovanna, they're family to me). They've never come to my home country but I'm positive I'll see them sometimes in the future in the UK.

This was a brief post about things you didn't really care to know, but oh well. I hope you enjoyed anyway.

Happy Summer,
Marti xx

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