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By Martina - Friday, September 30, 2016

One day I was reorganising stuff around my room (as I always do) and I realised that some of the prettiest things I've bought in the past months - namely my new agenda, a tiny little Peter Pan themed tin and some makeup - were all made by Italian brands, and that hit me because I'm not the most patriotic person and I tend to buy international brands more than local ones.

As I said, all those things looked very pretty, so I felt inspired to take some pictures. Bear with me, I'm still experimenting with my camera so lighting, contrast and all the rest are not always on point, but I'm learning, right?

The first thing I'd like to say is my favourite Italian brands, makeup and beauty wise, are hands down Neve Cosmetics and Bottega Verde. 

I love Neve Cosmetics a lot, in the past year I've kept buying bits and bobs from them and I've never felt disappointed (except for the way Crema Eterea smells, but that's another story). The fact that its products are vegan and cruelty free is a bonus because, well, I don't buy cruelty free brands all the time but whenever I find a good one I stick to it because I love the idea of not covering my face in silicone and the likings.

I've known Bottega Verde for a long time, but I only became a loyal customer when I found out how good their Quillaia makeup remover was - it's still my holy grail remover, and I've tried many others in the past years. I like the fact that they have special offers all year long so whenever you visit their shop you can pick some new products without spending a fortune.

Now, let's talk about the super cute Peter Pan tin I bought in July - it's from a traditional brand that sells candies and sweets called Pastiglie Leone, and they are famous for their really pretty vintage-looking tins, but this year I think they have outdone themselves, because they launched a limited edition Once Upon a Time collection, with tins inspired by everyone's favourite tales, like Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella. When I saw them I felt the urge to buy them all, but since they're quite pricey - I think I spent about €4 on mine - I just picked Peter Pan, because I loved the mini London skyline, and it's one of the stories I loved the most when I was little, because I definitely didn't want to grow up too.

My latest and most loved purchase is my 2017 agenda. I've browsed through Legami's agendas for years, I love all of their products, but I had never bought one for myself before. This changed when I found out they had released a teeny tiny agenda with pugs on it. When I spotted it on their website I knew I had to get it. It was quite hard to find, I visited many bookstores (that's where this brand is usually sold) and in the end I found it in my hometown, how unexpected. Now, just take a good look at it and say you don't like it - I won't believe you.

I can say I'm pretty happy with all the pretty things I talked about. Pretty pretty pretty. I promise I know many other adjectives, hahah.

Had you ever heard of the brands I talked about?
Which brands are your favourites?

Thanks for stopping by!
Marti xx

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