I love IKEA and I'm weird

By Martina - Friday, October 21, 2016

Some weeks ago mum took my brother and I to IKEA. We all bought something and ate there together. On my way home, thinking of how pretty the things I'd bought were, and how much I love IKEA, I came up with an idea for an unusual blog post - a blog post where I'll describe all the things that I've bought by telling you some weird facts about me.

Here they are.

While growing up my favourite colours changed many times, but I've never really been a pink girl. For the longest time I actually despised that colour and had nothing - and I mean nothing - pink. No t-shirts, no soft toys, no pillows. I had violet, purple and fuchsia sometimes, but zero pink. When I met my boyfriend, a little over three years ago, he started joking that one day I would become a pink girl, that I secretly loved pink but was too stubborn to admit that. I don't know how he did it, if he really changed my mind somehow, but in the past three years I've started liking pink more and more, and now I voluntarily buy pink stuff, although that's still not my favourite colour, and I love some shades more than others - I like dusty, blush, pastel and ballerina tones the most, I'd say.

I like most fruits, if not all of them, and I eat them gladly in every form they can take - straight from the tree, turned into jams, cakes, juice, salads and so on. I have some favourites of course, for example I prefer Summer to Winter fruits and I prefer to eat fruits that are easy and clean to handle (think easy-peel bananas versus juicy, sticky pears) or that have already been conveniently transformed into slices or bits. Some of my favourites include pineapple, peach, apricots and berries. I like all berries but the key to my heart are raspberries. My love for raspberries and raspberry-flavoured things is so strong that whenever I find something that has the word 'raspberry' written on it I just have to get it and try it. And whenever I have to pick from a variety of drinks or foods of any sort and one of them says 'raspberry', most of the times I'll reach for that first. The best thing is that I'm usually not disappointed by raspberry-flavoured things, so it's always a win.

IKEA meatballs might be my favourite meat-based meal. I'm not kidding. I'm not a big fan of meat in general, in fact I could probably live without it (though I'm not 100% sure because sometimes I crave certain foods like Nando's chicken or mortadella). I love to eat them at IKEA Restaurants and I usually get one of their frozen bags to take home as well. Sometimes I even happened to go to IKEA just for dinner, without even buying anything else.

When I was little my dad used to travel quite often around the world. Whenever he came home he brought back gifts of all sorts, and I remember that many times he gifted us some super cool american plasters that looked like temporary tattoos and one time he even managed to find some Harry Potter plasters and, guess what, I still have the box. Nowadays colourful plasters still make me happy like a baby because they remind me of my childhood and my dad, which is one of the people I love the most in the whole world.

You see that bag of MUNSBIT in the last picture? I didn't even know those existed until I saw them in one of Gabbie's vlogs (Gabbie = velvetgh0st = one of my favourite Youtubers ever ever) and I just had to get them. Not just because she had them, of course - that wouldn't make much sense I guess - but because I really really like weird fruity snacks and if they're sold at Ikea it's even better.

Hope you enjoyed my list of pointless facts about me. If you feel like sharing, just leave a comment with a weird fact about yourself.

Marti xx

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