Cosy Season

By Martina - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weeks ago I visited Primark with my mum and brother and picked up some soft pretty things to wear around the house. I opted for autumnal colours and patterns and soon realised that they all looked nice together, so I thought I'd experiment with my camera and try to take some good pictures.

I love Primark's nightwear because it's affordable, soft and comes in all shapes, patterns and sizes. I was looking for jammies made of cotton, because I like it way more than synthetic fabrics, but in the end I also picked up a mixed fabric pyjama bottom and a random synthetic tank top in a matching colour, because I wasn't too keen on the top that was supposed to be paired with those pants.

While looking for some soft socks to match my new jammies I noticed some super cute fluffy cat socks and thought, 'Hey, those look a lot like something from Gabbie's range, but I highly doubt they would sell her range in Italy' but then I looked closer and realised their tag actually mentioned velvetgh0st. I couldn't believe what I saw, especially because her newest range wasn't supposed to be on sale yet, so I bought two pairs and decided to wait for a while before publishing this post, because I didn't want Gabbie to find out that the Italian store had messed up, since she has many more important things to do and think about.

After wearing both jammies and both pairs of socks and having washed them up a few times, I can say they're really good quality for the price and I'll keep wearing them until they fall apart. Either that, or I'll go back to Primark and buy all of their nightwear products. Just kidding, now the only thing I might need it a soft dressing gown like Gabbie's new one - the one with cat ears that is part of the new range as well.

Where do you buy your nightwear? 
Have you ever bought anything from Gabbie's Primark range?
Also, do you like my pictures? I think I did quite a decent job this time, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Marti xx

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  1. All the pyjamas are so cute!

    1. They really are! My personal favourites are the pyjama bottoms with flowers on them, so comfy and pretty

  2. Love all the cozy vibes in this post and those plush socks are the cutest!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  3. Loving all that pink! Such great prints too. PJ pants and t-shirt for me around the house.

    xx Yasmin

    1. Those are some really sweet shades of pink indeed :)

  4. Such adorable items in pink shades.