Vlogmas vs Dissertation

By Martina - Saturday, December 17, 2016

As I sat in front of my Costa Hot Spiced Apple typing down ideas for the third chapter of my dissertation, I thought "I wish I could catch up with vlogmas instead."

So here we go, as I spent my day between my dissertation and zero ideas for this blogpost, I decided I'd write down a list of the vlog channels I'm watching this December, in no particular order.

Rhiannon Ashlee - She's my latest YouTube crush, I have only started following her a couple of months ago (I was living under a rock, I know) but I've caught up quite quickly. I love her personality and her chilled vlogs, and I'm a huge fan of baby Delilah, she's adorable and it's nice to see her growing up a little bit video after video.

Katie Snooks - I've been following her for quite a while, I love the fact that she's always down to earth and relatable in her videos. I've often seen comments under her videos saying that she complains too much or that she never looks happy, but honestly I think she's just real, nobody really lives the perfect life and she has her ups and downs as well, but she's great at picturing both low moments and happy ones. She's just strong and mature, not everyone would allow the world to see them crying or open up about their problems.

Gabriella Lindley - I've been following her religiously for years, that's all you really need to know. Plus I love the fact that her videos are always super long, the longer the video the happier the Marti (?).

Niomi Smart - I love Niomi but I wasn't planning on following her vlogmas. She's one of those people that have so much going on with their lives, I don't really feel like I can relate, but I'm glad I decided to give her vlogs a go because I'm loving them (the Paris ones are so much fun and don't even get me started on the 33.41 minutes long 'Real Time Makeup Tutorial').

Samantha Maria - I'm a big fan of pregnancy and baby related stuff, so when I found out Sammi was pregnant I knew I would eventually end up watching her videos. I love that she seems so chatty and honest about what she's going through and I can't wait for her to meet the baby.

Giovannasworld - I really really wanted to watch Gi, Tom and Carrie's vlogmas videos but I still have to catch up, I'm halfway through Giovanna's and I guess I'll watch Tom and Carrie's after Christmas as I really have no time to fit all those videos into my day at the moment.

And you? Are you all caught up with any vlogmas? Let me know your favourites!
Marti xx

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