But Thoughts Are Always Travelling

By Martina - Thursday, December 15, 2016

My day started quite abruptly. I woke up and found out it was way later than I expected, I felt bloated and my joints were quite sore. I didn't do much in the morning except thinking (more on that later) but in the afternoon I went to Charing Cross Road with my boyfriend (he is called Lorenzo, by the way). We visited some places - Starbucks, music shops, Starbucks again, a book shop... The usual tour - and he took me to the House of Minalima, a truly wonderful place that I hadn't visited yet. I loved it, I wish it was a café or something like that, I would totally sit next to their potteresque christmas tree and illustrations and sip some tea.

Anyway. Back to the morning, today I realised two great things.

The first one was that yesterday, after I wrote my post, I felt better. Writing down my thoughts and reprocessing them helped me see the good sides of everything and made me feel so much better than I was feeling previously. That's one thing I love about writing.

The second thing was even deeper, hey. I thought of how much you can think of in a day, how fast thoughts travel, how you can be in the same room all day, not accomplish a single thing and yet your thoughts haven't stopped moving for a single second. Thoughts keep travelling. I think that's amazing, though it might not be a big revelation to any of you, but I had never seen it that way myself I guess and I don't know, it felt wise, it felt great. The human mind is unstoppable, it's so fascinating.

Today's quote is Mark Twain's, or so I heard. I found it while reading an interesting thread about Harry Potter

Marti xx

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