Sunday Pancake Brunch

By Martina - Sunday, December 18, 2016

My boyfriend had a rough, sleepless night and I woke up around 10 AM feeling meh, so after cleaning up the kitchen (don't judge) and having a shower I decided it was time for a nice meal. Lunch was approaching but none of us had had breakfast yet, so the idea of pancakes came to my mind. Pancakes are one of the best ways to merge breakfast and lunch, I believe.

I looked up recipes online and mixed some of them according to what I had in the cupboard. I tried to make honey pancakes topped with soft apple slices. The final result was better than I expected, but unfortunately I didn't take pictures so I had to make up a little design on Canva (I enjoy creating things on Canva, so I suggest you check it out too. It has lots of free designs and ideas).

Here's my recipe for the Apple & Honey Pancakes.

Ingredients for the batter:
2 eggs
90g self-rising flour
2 tbsp honey
A pinch of salt
120ml oat milk

Ingredients for the apples:
1 apple
A spoonful of coconut spread
3 tbsp agave syrup
A pinch of cinnamon

I started with the pancakes. I mixed all the ingredients together, heated up a pan, greased it a little with some coconut spread and proceeded with pouring a large spoonful of batter onto the pan, turning it when the batter started to look bubbly. I did so until the batter was finished, ending up with fourteen small pancakes.

At the same time (I tried to prepare both the pancakes and the apples together because I didn't want either of them to get cold) I peeled and sliced the apple. I warmed the slices up in a pan with the coconut spread and after a couple of minutes I added the agave syrup on top, let it all cook in the pan for another couple of minutes, then moved all of it into a small saucepan, added a glass of water and let it boil for a while. I was hoping the water-agave-coconut mix would turn into some sort of syrup, but it actually remained quite watery. I let it on the hob for a while anyway, then added in the cinnamon and removed the saucepan from the hob.

I split the pancakes in two stacks on two small dishes and poured apple slices and the sort-of-syrup on top.

My boyfriend really appreciated our brunch, so I'm quite proud of today's cooking session.

Marti xx

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