Time to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

By Martina - Friday, December 16, 2016

This post is a little less deep and a bit more christmassy than the previous ones.

Today I finally got around writing my friends' Christmas cards. I put off this task for so long because I feel like I'm bad at writing them, I'm always either too cheesy or extremely cold, there's no in-between. This year I decided to go for the cheesy messages though, because I hope to make them smile and remind them that I care about our friendship even though I never text or call. I actually only wrote four, because I'm seeing most of my friends around Christmas so I'll tell them all the nice things when we meet in real life, but some of my friends live quite far and I don't even know if I'm going to see them next year, although I hope I do, so I went for the cards for them.

I think I'm much better at getting presents than I am at writing cards. I actually bought my friends' presents in October and have already wrapped them all up nicely. I bought my brother's and boyfriend's presents as well, the only one it's missing is my parents' because I wanted to do something handmade and I still haven't had the time.

While I was on my way to Starbucks this afternoon (#commonwhitegirl) I was thinking about what I would say if I were to film a Christmas Gift Guide (because I watch so many YouTube videos I end up planning things in my head pretending to be a youtuber, as you do) and I thought I might as well write those things down here, just as a sort of reminder.

First of all, I think handmade things make the best presents. I'm not talking about things that require crazy skills, just tiny projects that show how much personality you've put into making the present, like a giant gingerbread man or a painting or a personalised t-shirt or a themed box full of yellow items, and so on. A hand cream, a lipbalm and a face mask might not mean much on their own but if you put them together in a nice box they end up looking like a lush personalised present, no matter how little you've spent on them.

My second point is all about planning ahead. Christmas comes every year, so you can't really go wrong if you decide to buy your presents in advance, especially during mid-season sales or 3x2 discounts. This gives you plenty of time to plan and find the perfect presents and allows you to avoid the crazy messy winter crowds that invade every single shop around Christmastime.

Another thing I like to do to avoid the crowds is to check some shops online before actually visiting them, so I don't have to visit a hundred places but just those that sell whatever I'm looking for.

The last thing I'd like to add is, if you are running late and have no idea what to get to someone, visit a bookshop to find some inspiration. I always see plenty of things I'd like to buy for myself there, and I'm not just talking about books. I believe bookshops really have something for everyone, every price and something unusual for those friends who seem to have everything. For example, this year I've fallen in love with a journal I've seen in Waterstones called "99 Things That Bring Me Joy" and I'm sure that would make the perfect gift for many friends out there.

That's it for today, I feel like I haven't said much in this post but I'm sticking to my challenge of posting once a day so I'm quite happy with myself.

Marti xx

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