When in Doubt, Write It Out

By Martina - Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I'm at that stage of life when you have every single choice, every opportunity in front of you and you have no idea where to start. I'm about to graduate and move to London, I'll soon be supposed to find a job and sort of know what to do with my life (I know deep down nobody ever knows what they're doing with their lives but I hope you get my point). The problem is I have no idea. I've never really had a blue French horn (my boyfriend just sat next to me and typed that, don't ask) never really had a career in mind, there are many things that I like of course, and things that I'd rather not do as well, but I really don't know where to start.

My boyfriend told me that I've been neglecting my hobbies and passions way too much lately, and that even if most of my favourite things are not proper jobs (for example, I am obsessed with Harry Potter and I'd love to sit and read books all day - or watch YouTube videos) I could always turn them into careers of some sort. He challenged me to do one thing that I love for a week everyday and see how I feel afterwards. I decided to write blog posts, because writing has always been a way to sort out my thoughts and that's something that could definitely come in handy right now. I used to keep a diary and I've always wanted to write a book, maybe a children novel as children literature is one of my favourite genres, even though I worry I might not be good enough for that.

Anyway, I'm going nowhere with this post, I hope I'll make more sense tomorrow.

(Quote by A. A. Milne)

Before I leave, let me just tell you a couple of funny stories about my day:

This morning I travelled from Milan to London via Zurich. During the flights I read some chapters of "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin, which is a book that is supposed to help but it's actually making me feel more anxious about my life than anything else, although I still like it and I think I'll try to memorise some of her tips.

I tried to cook potato wedges and cod in the oven for dinner and ended up burning my right index finger with oven steam. I don't even know, I can't really explain how it happened. Right now my finger looks normal but I can't use it to type as it kind of hurts and feels weird, super sensitive and tingly, I hope it wears off during the night.

I've just finished the apple juice I bought earlier at Starbucks and I've noticed that inside the label it says, "You've really nailed being a human. Good job." So yeah, thank you Apple, that's nice of you.

Going to bed now, see (?) you tomorrow.

Marti xx

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