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By Martina - Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Been waiting to upload this because I wanted to take some good pictures of the books, but the weather has been meh in the past few days so I gave up and took them anyway, but I'm not 100% satisfied.


Here are the books I read in January.

milk and honey

This is a truly powerful book and I'm not sure I was ready for it. I'm quite an empathic person, so poetry always makes me feel all the feels, even when it's about situations I've never faced. The content of Rupi Kaur's book is so powerful, beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time, that it kind of made me feel unwell. But I loved it, I love how it's written and the drawings and there are some lines I loved more than others and a few that really spoke to my inner self.

The two poems I loved the most, not because I didn't like the others but because I felt like they were written for me, were the one on page 109 and the one on page 194.

Also, I feel like I need to say that, even though I love poetry, I never really read books of poems. I've decided that I want this to change, because I found many interesting titles and I really want to explore this side of literature and to 'feel' and 'think' more.

Eat Smart

I talked about this book before so I won't spend many words on it in this post. 

I read all the introductory parts and the ending and most of the recipes and I must say I found it all really interesting, especially the bit where Niomi explains how, when and why she went plant-based and the part where she mentions her most used and most loved ingredients and what they are beneficial for. I found that really useful and I learned a lot. I'll go on testing the recipes and I'll let you know how they come out.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I bought this book in Brighton last August, hours before I went to see the show. I didn't want to spoil the plot so I didn't read it straightaway. After the show I decided to wait and keep it for the time I'd feel like I need a dose of JK Rowling to feel better.

Let's start from the beginning, anyway. 

Before the show I was excited, I was hopeful, and I was scared I would be disappointed, because I tend to set my expectations high, especially when I care so much about something. This time I actually tried not to set any expectation. I tried to keep my mind empty and let the show speak for himself. I didn't read the spoilers, I barely checked out the cast. 

Then I saw the show and I loved it*. I laughed and cried and I'd watch it again every night. I loved the show, loved the cast, loved the special effects, everything. What I like most about the story is the relationships between the characters. I believe JK Rowling is one of the best at creating perfectly imperfect characters, people you can always really relate to.

I loved Scorpius more than everyone else, I believe, and I think most of my love is due to the greatness of the actor that actually played him, Anthony Boyle. His voice, his movements, his interpretation, everything he did just stole the scene. I think I could see him perform a monologue in the dark and I still would be fascinated by him. But I really love theatre and good acting, so that would't be much of an effort, after all.

Apart from him, I really loved Albus/Sam Clemmett and I think the actors that played Harry, Draco and Ginny really did a good job. But it would be unfair if I didn't mention Ron and Hermione because they were great as well. The only thing is, I loved the bonding scenes between father and son (Harry-Albus and Draco-Scorpius), husband and wife (Harry-Ginny) and friends (Albus-Scorpius) the most, that's probably why all the other actors didn't really stick to my mind.

I almost forgot to mention Delphi. The actress that plays Delphi is awesome, she managed to portray a multifaceted, complex character so well. I loved her lots as well. But maybe I loved the character she portrayed a tiny bit less, though I found her story fascinating and well built (does that make sense?).

Reading the script made me want to see the show again so much, I'm actually craving it, and I know I should just be grateful that I managed to see it once but I can't help myself. I really hope they film it and put it on DVD before the cast changes, because I NEED to see Anthony Boyle and Sam Clemmett again.

Reading the script also made me realise why so many people disliked the story as soon as the book came out. The problem lies in the way it's written more than the plot itself, I think. It's hard enough to face a new book of your favourite series ever ever knowing that you might not like what it says, but reading it in the form of a script, without even knowing exactly how the actors look or how they talk, is really really confusing and hard. I think it's easier for those who see the show to appreciate it.

*Fun fact about my visit to the theatre: everyone that went to see the show in the days before and after mine (I saw Part 1 on August 11, 2016 and Part 2 on August 12) were given the #keepthesecrets pin, but they didn't give it to me, and I'm sad about that.

The Happiness Project

I started this book last year after stealing it from my boyfriend's bookshelf, but although the cover, title and topic really interested me I found it hard to finish. I didn't click with the author and found the book less appealing than I expected it to be. I still found it kind of interesting and it still made me think, anyway. 

My favourite chapter was "September: Pursue a Passion", where she talks about writing a book in a month and finding more time to read. Reading and writing are two of my favourite things as well, so I felt like that chapter really gave me some ideas. I've always thought I'd love to take part in NaNoWriMo but I never felt ready, this year maybe I'll give it a go. Or maybe I'll do that in a different month, not November, but one day I'll just start a short, silly novel and just try to see where it goes.

I'm quite proud of myself for reading four books this month, although most of them were short. Now I'm starting Anne Frank's Diary and I already have plans for the other books I want to read in February.

Book Challenge 2017:
I decided that this year I'll only tick one line off the list for each book, so I'll have to read 52 books to complete the challenge. I don't think I will manage to do so, but I want to try.
milk and honey: a bestseller from a genre you don't normally read
Eat Smart: a book about food
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: a book with multiple authors
The Happiness Project: a book with a subtitle
Marti xx

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