Confused and Running Out of Time

By Martina - Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I was supposed to upload a post two days ago. I completely forgot to write that, but since it talked about something that I did on November 23 I thought I could upload it the day after.

Yesterday (AKA "the day after") I started writing that post, but soon abandoned it. Today I opened that page again in order to complete it, wasted about an hour trying to fix it, then realised I wasn't happy with the result anyway.

In the end I decided to change the publishing day of that post (while whispering to myself, "I can always publish it February 23, right?") and decided to write the first few things that came to my mind just to make sure I had something to upload.

First of all, yesterday I bought a wonderful dress and I'm going to wear it for my graduation (if and when that happens).

Second, while I was trying the dress I found out the store manager was an Italian girl, about my age, and we ended up chatting for a bit. She seemed such a nice person, and she even told me to bring her my CV because she knows that there are some free positions for new employees in the other shops of the same brand. How nice is that?

Third, I should really be revising my dissertation but I can't stand it anymore and I feel sick whenever I even think of it.

Fourth, I cooked and baked quite a lot recently and you're going to hear about that pretty soon.

Now, I'd like to go on with this list until dinner but unfortunately I really have to go back to my dissertation.

Bye, thanks for stopping by.
Marti xx

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