Eating Smart

By Martina - Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A week ago I bought a copy of Eat Smart, Niomi Smart's cookbook. As soon as I got it I started browsing through her recipes and reading chunks of text here and there. Then my boyfriend and I decided to follow at least one of her recipes every day up until today, and my goal is to try them all, sooner or later.

After going grocery shopping and buying lots of ingredients, we decided to start with her Squashetti + 'Meatballs'. We cheated a little and got some ready made squash noodles, since we don't have a spiralizer. The final result was great, both my boyfriend and I enjoyed it and I think I'll cook it again soon. The only problem I had is that the balls got a bit flat, they looked more like cookies than meatballs, but they were really delicious. They are mainly made of walnuts and lentils, if you like those two things you can't really go wrong with this recipe.

On the second day I prepared one of her grain salads, the Avocado + Turmeric Salad with Quinoa. This one is quite quick to put together and we liked it, though I think it might come second place when compared with the previous 'meatballs'.

The day after I quickly made the Warming Squash Soup. I think I put too much liquids or too little squash in there, but it turned out great anyway, and my boyfriend loved it as well.

One lunch we were really craving sweet potatoes, so we baked some Spiced Wedges. Unfortunately I burned some of them (I'm still learning how to use the oven here), but the others were soft and crunchy and incredibly good.

That afternoon I tried to bake some granola, but the oven made the heat detector go off (it happens, like, ALL THE TIME and I hate it) and that made me burn my granola, so I gave up for the day.

Yesterday I baked the same Cacao + Coconut granola and managed not to burn it (and I didn't even make the heat detector go crazy, yay!). I also made some Orange Spiced Biscuits. The granola is great and I think I'll do it again as soon as I finish the first batch, but I'm not too keen on the biscuits, I think they taste too much of coconut (oil + sugar) and whenever I'll decide to make them again I think I'll just cut on the amount of oil and sugar I put in the mix. My boyfriend really liked them though, and I noticed that they make me feel full quite fast, which is a great thing because I don't end up eating too many. They also look good, just like the ones in Niomi's pictures.

So far that's all I tested. I must say I'm happy with all the recipes, with the written parts of the book (the introductory pages are very useful) and I love love the pictures, all of them. I mean hers, the book ones, not mine. 'Cause I tried to take some pictures with my boyfriend's camera but I didn't know how to change the settings, so they all look kind of weird. But it's fine, for now. I'll take better ones some other time, maybe.

Also, before I go, I need to tell you the truth about something: I skipped some ingredients here and there in the recipes. I know it kind of defeats the point of following a recipe and that I cut out some nutrients but there are some things my boyfriend and I don't really like, such as garlic and onion, so I just avoided adding them to our recipes. Sometimes I think I'll make an effort and add them anyway, just to see how Niomi actually wanted the recipes to taste like, but for now I haven't.

(How good does that pizza look? I reeeally need to make it!)

Do you ever follow any cookbook? Have you ever tried any of Niomi's recipes?

Marti xx

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