Ed Is Back

By Martina - Friday, January 06, 2017

On New Year's day I woke up (earlier than expected) and the first thing I found out was that Ed Sheeran would release new music later in the week. This is what I needed to hear! Finally, Ed is back! I missed his sweet face and ginger hair and his music and I can't wait to find out what his beautiful mind has been creating in the past year. I'm also pretty sure that 2017 won't suck as much as 2016 now that he's back (makes sense, right?).

Screenshot of Ed's announcement video on Facebook

To celebrate today's new music release, I thought I could look back to when Ed Sheeran entered my life and write down some memories.

Lego House - I first heard of Ed through this song. A friend of mine told me to check out "a song that has something to do with Lego, because Ron is in the music video". I did and I fell in love with Ed from the beginning. The music, lyrics, voice, handsome ginger guy(s)... I immediately checked out all of his songs on YouTube, watched the videos, and from then on he became one of my favourite singers/songwriters ever ever. I could listen to him on repeat for days (and I actually do).

Ed Sheeran's music is also one of the first things that Lorenzo mentioned when we first met, and that made me realise that he was a special person and that we shared something. After we got together, we went to see Ed in concert in Milan, and it was just as I imagined. I really hope to see him again soon somewhere.

Screenshot of Ed's announcement video on Facebook

This morning I listened to the two songs he just released and I must say I liked them. So far I like Castle on the Hill a little more than Shape of You, but I think they are both catchy and I can't wait to listen to the full album.

What about you? Did you listen to the songs and, if so, did you like them? (I'm taking for granted you like Ed Sheeran here because come on, who doesn't)

Have a nice day,
Marti xx

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