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By Martina - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I wanted to upload a post about my shopping 'rules' but I'm also in the mood for talking about what I've been doing this week, so if you're interested in the other one stay tuned, it's coming soon.

Since I've passed my exam last week I've obviously started feeling better, less anxious and more free, if that makes sense. The best days (mood wise) though have been the past two days, and today as well, because I'm closer to the end of my dissertation and that's making me feel like I might graduate for real. 

On Monday I completed the third chapter of my dissertation and, after sending it to my tutor, I went shoes shopping with my mum. I bought two pairs of shoes, which was quite unexpected because: 1. I didn't really need them and 2. I'm really, really picky when it comes to clothing and shoes, so I more often than not end up empty handed.

Yesterday I had to go to Milan for a blood test super early, and after that I went to the city centre with my mum and bought some super comfy pyjamas. We then met my brother and had our lunch together. In the afternoon I met some friends for tea and later I watched a film with my parents. We picked Brooklyn because me and my mum really wanted to see it, and oh my I LOVED IT! Like I'm ready to watch it again right now, and tomorrow. Saoirse Ronan is a fantastic actress and is a natural beauty. The plot is amazing, I'm really into mid-1900 american immigration and the like. I'd actually love to read more about this topic, because I've watched some films and I've been to Ellis Island but I've never read novels about that time. Another thing that I really like about that film is the style of their outftis and the colours of the images. The scene in which Eilis and Tony go to Coney Island is perfect, from that point of view. Another thing I enjoyed was seeing my dad super panicky because he shipped Eilis and Tony super hard and when she went back to Ireland he empathised with Tony and spent all the time worrying that she'd change her mind. Oh daddy, hahahah.

Today I landed in the UK at 8 AM (I have to catch up with sleep because lately I've had too little sleep). I went home and, since my boyfriend was out, cleaned up the whole flat (not really, I skipped the bathroom because I was tired). After that I went out to buy something to eat and along the way I picked up my Amazon order - I bought Eat Smart and Milk and Honey. I'm so happy I finally got those books! I've been waiting to get Niomi's and I don't even know why, but when Amazon told me it was out at £4.99 I just ran and paid for it. Along with that I ordered Rupi Kaur's book because lately I kept seeing her poems around and loving them so I thought why not.

At the moment I'm reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and my reading list is long, but I think Milk and Honey will soon be read as well. And I'll try and cook something from Niomi's book everyday, if I have time.

I'm bugged because I couldn't fit my Canon camera into my hand luggage today, so I won't be able to take pictures unless the boyfriend lends me his camera. Maybe I'll just ask for help with the pictures, so I can also learn something from him.

Have a nice evening,
Marti xx

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