Selective Shopping

By Martina - Friday, January 20, 2017

I love going shopping. I like to check out all the new collections, I like to try on different things. I feel good when I buy something new. But I'm not one to splurge on many things at once, and I usually end up buying one or two items even when I try on plenty.

In the past few years I've set myself some simple rules that I always keep in mind when I'm visiting a shop. It's not something I had to force myself to do, it actually came up spontaneously. At some point I started to realise I liked some features more than others and I just stuck to that.

The first thing I do is to check out the fabrics. Whenever I see something that I like I tend to touch it, and I only proceed to take a good look at that piece if the fabric feels nice to the touch. It might seem silly, but the feeling of something against my skin is really important to me, and I hate when fabrics seem too rough or too cheap.

Whenever I'm looking for knitted tops (or other knitted items such as hats and scarves) I also take a look at their labels, because I don't like most synthetic fibres - they often feel cheap, plasticky, get ruined easily and smell bad - and I usually don't buy a top if more than 40% of it is synthetic. The only exception to this rule is viscose, because I really like how it feels on my skin, it's easy to wash and doesn't crease too much. I never buy sweaters that contain acrylic or polyester because I really really can't stand them. I generally go for cotton, viscose, cashmere or wool.

Another thing that I keep in mind is what kind of cut does (or does not) suit me. For example, I tend to buy tops with broad necklines, because I find them more comfortable (high necks make me feel like they're trying to choke me) and I also know that they look best on me, since I'm short and my neck is on the short side as well.

The third thing I keep in mind is the kind of style I'm trying to go for. This is not easy, it's always easier to go for something similar to what you already have or know, but when you find yourself constantly dissatisfied with what's in your wardrobe it's time to try and step out of your comfort zone. I also try to avoid the opposite thing, that is buying something just because I like it and then realise it doesn't match my style and can't be worn with anything I already own. Unless you're going for a complete makeover of your wardrobe, it's easier to go on step by step until you've reached the point when you like your style again.

The last thing I tend to consider before buying a new piece is whether I actually need a new one or if I have enough. I don't like to collect too many clothes so whenever I buy something new is either because I didn't have it (or didn't have enough of it) or because something needed to (or could) be replaced. A new thing comes, an old thing goes.

That's it, I think. I might have forgotten something but right now I'm happy with what I just put together.

Do you have any rule that you follow when you're going shopping? If so, let me know in the comments. I'd really like to find out whether we share some of them or if we have totally different ways.

Marti xx

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  1. Whenever I go shopping I look round all of the shops first before buying anything and this way I find that I don't buy as much! x

    1. That's a great idea! That way you can also compare prices and avoid spending too much on something that is available in more than one place