23 Things

By Martina - Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Today it's my 23rd birthday, so I decided to write down a list of 23 things I did during the day:
  1. I woke up at quarter to nine
  2. I switched my Whatsapp to my British number
  3. I had a shower
  4. I checked out whether there were some birthday discounts in London (but in the end I didn't use any)
  5. I ate some chocolate cake from Sainsbury's
  6. I went for a walk in Oxford Street with Lorenzo
  7. I went to Veggie Pret for the first time
  8. I went to Starbucks without buying anything (Lorenzo had a coffee though)
  9. I had a random low moment, typical me. I luckily managed to feel better soon
  10. I bought a theatre ticket last minute
  11. I visited a guitar store in Denmark Street
  12. I went to Primark and bought some socks and a raincoat
  13. I bought a Naked 3 palette (I wanted it for soo long!)
  14. I ran from the Urban Decay store to Cambridge Theatre because I was scared I would be late for the show
  15. I saw Matilda the Musical (with the stunning Zaris-Angel Hator as Matilda)
  16. I bought a Matilda pin badge to remember this day
  17. I enjoyed walking in the West End at night
  18. I travelled all day with the Jubilee line and Piccadilly line
  19. I posted twice in a row on Instagram
  20. I ate pasta al pesto for dinner
  21. I wanted to ate pancakes at some point but I didn't
  22. I washed up plenty of dishes (even though I'd promised myself not to do house work on my birthday)
  23. I wrote two blog posts (and cheated posting one on February 27)

All in all I had a really nice day and I'm quite sad it's over. Today I felt pretty special and this has been my first birthday abroad ever.

Marti xx

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