Leaving Home and Going Home

By Martina - Sunday, February 26, 2017

Today's the day I officially move out of my parent's home.

Today I'm moving to London.

Saying that out loud still feels like a dream, I cannot believe it's coming true. I've wanted to move to the UK since I was in primary school, as I've always felt a deep connection with the British culture and the English language. Growing up I kind of changed my dream destination a few times, but in the end London popped up again and again. I was lucky to find a boyfriend who also has a British heart (we actually first met in London, not too far from where we live now) and he made moving out a lot simpler for me.

Yesterday I had all of my relatives and some family friends over for a graduation/birthday/goodluckandgoodbye party. I was spoiled with gifts and was allowed to wear my laurel crown all day and eat plenty of nice food.

The sad part about leaving is not being able to see family and friends so much anymore, especially because I'm moving to a whole different country, and not exactly the cheapest one too. The person I will miss the most is my brother, I already know that. My parents have accepted this fact way better than him, I believe. Well, I guess growing up and moving out brings this kind of problems to everyone anyway, even when you're moving to the next city and not miles away. I'm not complaining anyway, if I moved to Australia it would be far harder for people to come and visit me.

I'd like to mention what my close family got me yesterday, because I really loved their creativity. Mum and dad got me a Tiffany Olive Leaf ring, because it reminded them of a laurel crown, and I love it to pieces and I'm so scared of losing it because I'm not used to wear rings, but I'll pay attention to it all the time until I'm sure I can trust my fingers. Mum also did a little watercolour of me sitting on a pile of books.

My brother gave me a huge red box with a yellow ribbon (which is my 'idea' of gift, it's the kind of gift I used to draw when I was little, and he knows it). He had written a long card and he made my eyes well up with tears, I won't lie. In the box I found a bamboo steamer and a set of bowls, ceramic spoons, chopsticks and all I might need for a handmade Chinese (or Japanese) dinner. He thought of getting me this because I learned Chinese at university and also because Chinese dumplings are my favourite asian food.

In the next few days I'll have to do all the grown up stuff: open a bank account, apply for a NIN, and so on. Scaaary! But exciting as well.

Marti xx

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  1. I don't know if you prefer to read my comments in Italian or English but I really like these kind of post. Moving in another country is not easy. Maybe you should write something about it with your experience and some tips because it would be a dream living in UK! xx


    1. Hi! Any language is fine, you choose :) I'd love to write more about my experience, especially now that I know that you'd be interested in reading such posts. I'll think about it and try to come up with something.


  2. Replies
    1. I will miss you too, can't wait to meet you in Brighton <3