By Martina - Thursday, February 09, 2017

...I said I'd upload my next post on Sunday and then I disappeared for days. Um. Sorry.

I had too much on my plate (is that how they say it?) and I messed up a lot, but thankfully I'm feeling better (physically and mentally) and now I'm ready to post again.

I'm going to split this post in three sections.

Part ONE

I printed my dissertation. Now it's on my desk and it's looking even better than I ever imagined it and I feel quite proud of myself. I'm going to graduate on February 24, wish me luck!

I've also completed my graduation outfit. I've got the dress, cardigan, shoes and even some new tights (woo, living the luxe life).

I only need to put together my tiny teeny speech for the day.

Part TWO

I'd like to share with you two blogs that I really like and that are run by fellow Italians (and  fellow #TheGirlGang members): - Irene is a wise, strong woman who loves to talk about makeup and mental health. Her posts are always really deep and full of information. - Aisha is a lover of beauty, fashion and cats. Her pictures and colour scheme are always eye catching and she writes her posts both in English and Italian, which is brilliant.

They both use (mainly) English so wherever you come from you have no excuses, just go and check them out! 


I actually forgot what I wanted to say here, but Masterchef is about to start so I'm leaving this here and going in the living room to watch the new episode. Bye.


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