Fascinating Birds

By Martina - Friday, March 10, 2017

Every time I visit a park in London, I am left speechless by the number of unusual birds I meet. 

I've always found birds fascinating. Part of it is probably due to the fact that I wish I was able to fly. But I've also noticed that whenever I think of birds, in my head I think of a simplified version of them, so when I actually see them I am always surprised by the number of details I didn't remember about them. 

In Italy, in my area at least, when you visit a park you'll see plenty of pigeons, a couple of swans and some ducks and seagulls, but that's about it. I don't even know many birds' names, I must say.

Whenever I see them I would love to be able to tell them apart, know their names and recognise them, so I've decided I'll start looking up some information and maybe buy a book about London birds and sometimes I'll go to the park and observe them. So far I have found a website that helps finding out the type of bird you saw and I have saved the link. I have also discovered that the beautiful birds in this post are a male mandarin (the grey bird next to it should be a female, and I'm pretty sure I'd never seen them before in my life), and a grey heron (I had guessed this one right, yay). The heron is almost as tall as me, hahahah.

I've always found bird watching fascinating (ever since I found out it existed, thanks to the film called The Big Year), and even though I don't think I'll become a hardcore birdwatcher I would like to at least be good at naming them when I see them around. Maybe I'll also try to take some good pictures, why not. So far I've only taken a few with my phone and with my old digital camera, but thanks to my Canon I might be able to do something better.

Do you know things about birds? Do you like them as well? Let me know!

Marti xx

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