Nesli: La Fine

By Martina - Thursday, March 23, 2017

Before I start I should let you know that I don't know much about Nesli and I am not an expert on his music, I only ever listen to this song I'm talking about here. 

Nesli is an Italian singer, rapper and music producer. He is Fabri Fibra's younger brother (I am going to talk about the rapper Fabri Fibra some other times, because I know his music way more than his brother's, but if you are into Italian rap - wow, didn't expect you to be - then check him out yourself if you like).

I found out Nesli existed when I went to Mika's concert back in 2010 (best show ever, seriously) and he was the opening act. I didn't really pay too much attention to him because his music didn't really talk to me that day, he was nothing like Mika and I still don't understand why they thought it was a good idea to pick him as an opening act, but nobody's ever going to tell me I guess. 

Anyway, later on that year (or month, or week, I don't remember) my friends and I found this song called La Fine and really loved it, so I sort of changed my mind about him and was glad I knew he existed.

La Fine (The End) is one of those songs whose lyrics can be interpreted in different ways, so I'll translate some chunks and share with you some thoughts as I go on.

First of all, please go and listen to it so you can have an idea of its music and mood.

Artsy picture taken somewhere foggy in Germany in 2011

Okay, now let's move onto the lyrics.

The bit that is easier to comment is the chorus.
Vorrei che fosse oggi, in un attimo già domani
Per reiniziare, per stravolgere tutti i miei piani
Perché sarà migliore e io sarò migliore
Come un bel film che lascia tutti senza parole
I wish that today turned quickly into tomorrow
To start again, to twist all of my plans
Because that will be better, and I will be better
Just like a film that leaves everyone speechless
I have often felt like I have done enough for the current day and that I am in need of a fresh new day to start again and fix things that are upsetting me, so I really like this chorus, and I really appreciate the comparison of this situation to a film that surprises its audience. It feels hopeful and I believe that hope is important.

Then there are some bits that talk about his personality and experiences, and teenage-Martina could really relate to that. I am a bit different than I was back in middle/high school but I still understand the lyrics and I totally see why I related to them. To some extent I still do, probably, because I feel like a mess lots of times and I tend to be insecure and blame myself for every silly little thing, but some words here are maybe a bit too strong for me nowadays.
Io non lo so chi sono e mi spaventa scoprirlo
Guardo il mio volto allo specchio ma non saprei disegnarlo
Come ti parlo, parlo da sempre della mia stessa vita
Non posso rifarlo e raccontarlo è una gran fatica 
I don't know who I am and I am scared to find that out
I look at my face in the mirror but I wouldn't be able to draw it
The way that I talk to you, I have always talked like that about my life
I cannot repeat it and even telling about it is hard
Tutto questo mi ha cambiato
E mi son fatto rubare forse gli anni migliori
Dalle mie paranoie e da mille altri errori
Sono strano lo ammetto, e conto più di un difetto
Ma qualcuno lassù mi ha guardato e mi ha detto:
"Io ti salvo stavolta, come l'ultima volta"
All of this has changed me
And I've let my best years being taken away from me
By my paranoia and a thousands other mistakes
I am weird, I admit that, and I have more than just one flaw
But someone up there has looked down at me and told me
"I am saving you this time, as I did the last time"
Quante ne vorrei fare ma poi rimango fermo
Guardo la vita in foto e già è arrivato un altro inverno
Non cambio mai su questo mai, distruggo tutto sempre
Se vi ho deluso chieder scusa non servirà a niente
I would like to do so many things, but in the end I don't
I look at life through pictures and yet another winter has come
I never change on this, never, I always mess up everything
And if I have disappointed you then saying I'm sorry won't fix it
The last bit I really like is harder to explain, but it sounds right to me and I feel like it's meaningful so I'm leaving it here and somehow translating it as well. The comparison with films is back and I really like the fact that the artist has played a lot with it during the song.
Arriverà la fine, ma non sarà la fine
E come ogni volta ad aspettare e fare mille file
Con il tuo numero in mano e su di te un primo piano
Come un bel film ma che purtroppo non guarderà nessuno
The end will come, but it won't be the end
And as always I'll end up waiting and queueing a thousand times
With your number in my hand and a portrait of you
Just like a beautiful film that no one will ever watch
What do you think of this song? Had you ever heard it?

Marti xx

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