Russian Navy

By Martina - Sunday, March 12, 2017

The day before my graduation my mum took me to a small beauty salon in my hometown to have my nails done. I'd never had my nails done professionally before, so it felt like a little pamper for me. I went for a soak-off gel lacquer by OPI, as I wanted my nails to last a bit more than the average nail polish but I didn't want a proper full gel manicure. As my theme colour for the big day was blue, because of the blue birds on my dress, I decided to pick a blue gel colour. I went for the one called Russian Navy, because it looked classy but also had some sparkles in it.

The application of all the layers of base coat, colour and top coat didn't take too long, under twenty minutes I think, and the result really surprised me. I loved the shape of my nails and how the colour suits my skin and I think I could seriously get used to have my nails done all the time, which is something I didn't quite expect before.

The thing that surprised me the most, however, is how long lasting this is. As I said I'd never had my nails done professionally before, and the only time I had a gel manicure was about two years ago (a friend did it for me, and she did a great job considering she was just starting out at that time), so I'm not used to this "perfection". As of today I have had this nail polish on for 18 days and it is still glossy, glittery and it has not chipped. The only problem of course is that the nails have grown quite a bit. And I have done everything with my bare hands, including washing up the dishes everyday, cleaning up the kitchen and the bathroom, opening my Pandora bracelet (those of you who own a Pandora bracelet might know how hard it is to open the clasp without chipping the nail polish) and assemble Ikea stuff. Everything. Well, the first week I paid attention and used some rubber gloves, but for the past week or so I haven't and they still look brand new.

I can say I am really happy with the result and whenever I'll have a reason for it I will surely go and have my nails done again.

Marti xx

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