Sunny Days and Busy People

By Martina - Friday, March 17, 2017

Hey everyone! This month I've messed up my schedule quite a lot. My next post is going up on March 22 (hopefully) and after that I'm going to do a full week of posting. I'm getting close to my 100th post so I've been thinking about doing a giveaway, but I'm still not sure, because I have like three followers and probably nobody would even care about it, hahah.

Anyway, the past few days have been sunny and warm here in London, so I have been enjoying long walks and exploring streets where I'd never been before. One night I went out with my boyfriend at 10.30 pm looking for ice cream, and I even managed to find it, yay! (Snowflake Luxury Gelato in Wardour Street is open until 11.30 pm during weekdays, just so you know).

At the moment I am ill, everything hurts and my life depends on tissues. Okay, I'm over exaggerating a bit, I'm not doing that bad, but I hate to have a stuffy nose because it makes me feel like I have a temperature, it gives me headaches and it doesn't let me sleep well at night.

Tomorrow I'm flying back to Italy for a few days. I'm not taking my PC with me, hence my inability to stick to my blog schedule. I have some medical stuff to do, but I'll be back in London soon. 

When I started this post I had no idea what to write, but now that I'm trying to finish it I realised that I actually really enjoyed writing random things down here. Maybe I'll do posts like this more often, we shall see.

Have a nice night,
Marti xx

PS. In case you read the previous post, I just wanted to update you on my nails: today was their 22nd day and they're still looking good. I can't believe it. They have started chipping a tiny bit but only on the surface, so the shape and colour are still perfect. The major problem there is the regrowth (I'm pretty sure I just made up that word but you know what I mean). I really have to thank the girl at the salon for her flawless job, and also thank OPI for making such a long lasting kind-of-gel polish.

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