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By Martina - Sunday, April 30, 2017

This month I've started many books but finished only two. I'm actually satisfied with this result because I managed to read those two books despite being busy and restless all the time (I am unable to stop, whenever I have free time from work I feel like I need to 'do' stuff and so I end up cleaning, walking, exploring, cooking, doing ten things at a time, and I never just sit down and read).

The first book I have read is Giovanna Fletcher' Happy Mum, Happy Baby. I am not a mum, as you might have guessed, so I waited before buying/reading this book because I felt like it might not be something for me, even though I love babies and I like to learn stuff about them. One day though I was at Waterstones and I ended up in the pregnancy/motherhood section (as you do) and spotted the book. I browsed quickly through it for the first tme and noticed how many beautiful pictures of Gi and her family were there, so I decided to buy it. I knew I would love it despite not being a mum already because, as I said, I love babies/pregnancy/motherhood stories and lovelovelove the Fletchers, and Giovanna's writing style. 

I started reading it straightaway, and I was immediately caught by it. I loved every single page and now I feel like I know Gi and her family a little better, and that makes me happy because the Fletchers (all of them, Carrie included) are my main role models, if I am allowed to say so.

Now I'm waiting for Gi's next novel and for Izzy Judd's first book, Dare to Dream.

The other book I read is Arthur Conan Doyle's A Study in Scarlet. I have read some Sherlock Holmes when I was younger but never got round to reading all of the stories, so I have decided to start, as I want to read more classics this year.

I found the first one very interesting, and I appreciated the excursus about Jefferson Hope's past. The fact that the book explained why and how the 'bad guy' ended up killing the men he killed makes the story deeper and makes you question who's the real bad guy of the story. I've now moved onto The Sign of the Four, but I'll update you on that (and hopefully other books) by the end of May.

Have you read anything nice recently?

Book Challenge 2017:
Happy Mum, Happy Baby: a book written by someone you admire
A Study in Scarlet: the first book of in a series you haven't read before 
Martina x

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