Greenwich and Holland Park with S.

By Martina - Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Today my dear friend S. was here. She came all the way from Italy just to see me (not really, she also wanted to visit London, of course). I had a day off, so we managed to spend some time together and visit some places we both had never seen.

We started from Greenwich. Around 10 AM we arrived there and paid a visit to the National Maritime Museum, which was far more interesting and beautiful than I expected, considering that I am completely ignorant about the topic. Then we walked in the park for a while, and reached the Royal Observatory. Unfortunately we couldn't see the Greenwich meridian, as you need to buy a ticket to go there and we had decided we didn't want to spend any money except for our food today.

We walked around Greenwich for a while, next to the Cutty Sark, the University of Greenwich and through the beautiful residential streets, then we got the DLR + tube and went to Oxford Circus. There we ate something at Pret, while chatching up with everything that is going on in our lives (and our friends' lives, because we are nosey and curious), and we visited Hamleys and Primark (typical tourist attractions, hahah). We also went to Foyles and walked down Charing Cross Road, which is one of my favourite places because of many reasons. 

We reached Trafalgar Square, soaked in the sun for a bit (it was not raining in that moment, unlike most of the day), quickly walked through the National Museum (as it was closing) and then took the tube to Holland Park (where I found the Poems on the Underground leaflet that you can see in the pictures here). I don't know why I'd never been to Holland Park before, as it's wonderful and full of cool plants and birds. We spotted two peacocks *heart-eyes* and some huge koi fish (they scared me) and then went to Bella Italia for dinner.

I loved hanging out with my friend and I really hope my other friends come here soon. I know it's selfish to say so, and it's expensive for them to travel to the UK, but I miss them and I would love to play the tourist again along with them.

Martina x

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