Meeting Niomi Smart

By Martina - Wednesday, April 05, 2017

A few weeks ago I was browsing Facebook when something Niomi Smart had posted on her page caught my eye. She talked about an upcoming meet & greet at Boots Piccadilly Circus, and I immediately thought I might go just to be able to see her in real life. She also mentioned a prize draw that EcoTools was running that would let the selected person win the chance of a shopping spree with her. I immediately followed the link and entered my email in the draw, because who wouldn't want to win a shopping spree with one of their favourite youtubers?

A few days later the thought of this whole thing was already in the far back of my mind, as I was about to start my new job and had other bigger thoughts running around my head. I thought I had enough on my plate already and didn't really take into consderation the chance of actually winning anything, because in my life I'd taken part in hundreds of giveaways but had never won anything.

One evening though I received an email from EcoTools saying that I had been selected as a winner. At first I didn't even understand what they were talking about and I thought someone silly had managed to steal my email address and was trying to trick me into giving them my personal informations. Then I checked the email address and all of that and realized it was an actual EcoTools email, and what it said was true. I emailed them back and started a conversation with the sweet EcoTools representative that I would then meet a few days later.

On March 29 in the afternoon I went to Boots in Piccadilly Circus (which is my main Boots anyway, because it's huge and it's close to Shaftesbury Avenue, a place that I love because of Les Mis theatres food reasons). The EcoTools team greeted me with a million smiles, an EcoTools bag and two gift cards. I chatted with them for a bit and then took a look around with two nice Boots girls that introduced me to all of the brands they sell and suggested me some of their favourite products. Then we moved to the entrance of the shop, where the EcoTools ladies showed me all of their wonderful, soft, cruelty free brushes (at that point I started collecting things to buy into my brand new bag).

After that, Niomi made her appearence and the photographer started taking pictures of her. By that point my level of overwhelmedness (?) was so high that I found myself following people and doing things and taking pictures and answering questions without feeling 100% myself, but the whole experience ended up being great anyway. Niomi looked beautiful and really sweet, she reacted to whatever I told her in a really nice way, even when my words probably didn't make much sense, and we walked around Boots for about fifteen minutes while she pointed at products that she really likes and answered to a few questions. Then we said goodbye to each other and she moved to the meet & greet area to meet other fans, and I went on with my shopping. I spent some time with a brilliant make up artist that works at the Dior stand, who helped me choose a foundation and a lip product and also gifted me with a Dior goody bag.

Then I visited the rest of the shop and picked up a few more things, paid with one of my gift cards and met up again with the EcoTools girls, that asked me some more questions and took me to the stand to have my brushes personalised. I asked the lady to engrave my name on three brushes and then said goodbye to everyone and left. I met up with my boyfriend at Foyles' café, where I updated him with all the story and got something to eat and drink.

The next day I exchanged a few more emails with the EcoTools representative and she sent me some pictures of the previous afternoon (the ones that you can see in this post).

The whole experience has been incredible and I feel so lucky for winning all of this. I am really grateful towards EcoTools, Boots and Niomi for making this possible.

Before I go, I wanted to tell you the names of the products I bought.

At the Dior stand I picked up the Dior Nude Air foundation in the shade 010 Ivory. Niomi suggested the Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion, and I was really captured by its design, but the feeling on my skin and the colour didn't match my needs, so I ended up picking the other one. At the same stand I also bought the Dior Addict Lip Glow in 001 Pink, which the counter lady had kindly suggested and swatched on me and I absolutely loved. The goody bag that she gave me contained two pochettes, a mirror, a few masks and serum samples, J'adore and Poison girl perfume samples and two small mascaras: Diorshow Mascara and Diorshow Maximizer.

Then I picked up Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish set (which Niomi recommended and which was also on my beauty wishlist) and Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer, as suggested by Niomi.

From EcoTools I chose an eye set called Ultimate Shade Duo, a Full Powder Brush and the Sponge Duo.

That's all for today! Expect some reviews of all of my new glorious makeup pretty soon. Bye!

Martina x

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