My Month in Pictures

By Martina - Friday, April 28, 2017

I've had a severe case of writer's block lately. I was looking through the pictures I've taken with my phone for inspiration when I realised I could just post said pictures. So here I am, with my quick and easy fix to catch up on the number of posts I was supposed to reach this month.


A wonderful book, a gift for a friend and an author suggested by a colleague.

Martina is attracted by cute stationery and packaging + Martina fixed the oven

Easter food.

I had to stop myself from buying 5 mugs that day. We already have more than we need.

New clothes (from Primark obviously).

You know where to find us.

Day out with a friend.


Celebrating payday.

I take pictures of books I want to read or buy.

1. Clever intro for that book.
2. How cute is that pigeon?

This just looks extra cute.

Martina x

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