My New (Eco)Tools

By Martina - Wednesday, April 12, 2017

As you know, I have recently added a few new brushes to my makeup drawer. Before buying these three new brushes + two sponges, my collection only counted 13 brushes from three different brands: Real Techniques, Neve Cosmetics and Kiko. I am not a big fan of Kiko brushes but I absolutely love Neve's and RT's, because they are super soft and easy to wash. 

I had heard about EcoTools in the past but never got around to trying their products, so as soon as I won the competition I knew I would fill my basket with EcoTools brushes, not just as a way to say thank you but also because I really needed them. I don't apply a full face of makeup everyday, but when I do I always feel like I'm missing something, maybe a makeup sponge or a buffer brush for the crease of the eyes. 

I managed to find a few of the tools that I was looking for at the EcoTool stand in Boots, so I picked them up to try them. The first thing I chose was the Ultimate Shade Duo because, as I said, I was looking for some new eyeshadow brushes. Then I chose the Full Powder Brush because I have a soft spot for big brushes and the EcoTools team told me that one was really good and super soft. The third and last thing I picked up was the Sponge Duo, because I have been curious to try a sponge for a while but never got around doing so, and also because the ladies told me that EcoTools's sponges are made with 70% plant based material, and I like the sound of that, even though the products I apply with my brushes and sponges are not always as natural and good unfortunately. 

The first things I tested out were the sponges. I soaked them in water and dried them up a little before using them to apply my foundation and concealer. I really liked the coverage they gave me and I had fun while using them. I don't even think they soaked up too much makeup, as I found them to look quite clean when I brought them back to the sink to wash them again. I squeezed the water out and let them dry naturally inside an open plastic box. The only downside I noticed so far is that the bigger one of the two has cracked a little, but it's okay because it only happened in a corner and not in the big, round half.

Another day I tried the eyeshadow brushes and the powder one, and I found them really really soft. I am still not ready to compare them to my usual Real Techniques ones, but I feel like they might be on the same level of appreciation for me. My Neve Cosmetics brushes might still be my favourites for now, but the Full Powder Brush might be up to share the first place with them.

One thing that definitely makes me love my EcoTools brushes is the fact that I had the possibility to engrave my name on them (I could do that for free, but Boots in Piccadilly Circus can do that to any brush/product for only £3 anyway). That makes them look really cool and personal.

Have you ever tried any EcoTools brush? I think I might just buy more pretty soon, so if you have tried any just leave me suggestions in the comments below.

Martina x

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