Saturday Night Surprise

By Martina - Sunday, April 16, 2017

Yesterday I had a day off work, so I went out with my boyfriend. We spent the afternoon out, as the day was beautiful and we had a couple of things to look for. When we got back from our trip, we found out that some letters had come. One was for me and had a weird shape, so we immediately opened it, both curious to find out what that was.

The envelope contained a Burt's Bees lipstick from their new, natural range. This surprise got me super excited, because I didn't expect to receive a free Burt's Bees lipstick, and even more because I had heard about their range and had already set my eyes on some of the shades.

The one that they kindly sent me is called Nile Nude and looks absolutely gorgeous. I tried it on straight after taking the pictures, and it suited me quite well, if I can say so. It also felt really moisturizing, as I expected after reading the letter attached to it. I would say it seems also quite long lasting (for a product of this kind), though I haven't tested it enough yet.

I am really grateful for this little gift I was sent and I am happy because they guessed my perfect shade better than I probably would have done if I had to pick one from the range.

Have you tried any Burt's Bees product?

Martina x

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