The Dior Trilogy, Part One

By Martina - Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hey! Lately I've been posting way too many beauty posts for my standards, and despite that I already know that more will come in the near future. The reason, as you might know, is that I have suddenly increased my beauty collection thanks to the gift cards I won. I hope you won't mind too much about this sudden change (that probably won't last long anyway, because I love beauty products and makeup but I don't want to turn my blog into a beauty-only thing).

Anyway, let's start from the first makeup product I picked up: the Diorskin Nude Air foundation.

I entered Boots that day knowing that I would end up buying a foundation, be it expensive or cheap, because I have never had a proper one before (scandalous, I know) and I wanted to take advantage of the situation to have my skin colour matched to my foundation shade.

As I just said, I have never had a proper foundation before, only a BB cream (that I gifted to a friend at some point because I didn't like it) and a powder foundation from Sephora that didn't really cover much. I have never really felt the need to cover my skin, mainly because I can't stand the feeling of something spread on my face, but also because I am quite lucky and my skin is not that bad. Sometimes though I happen to think that I would like to be able to add a little coverage to my face, just to give my makeup a much more flawless finish.

On the day of the meet & greet I asked to all the Boots and EcoTools ladies what brand they'd recommend, and they all said Dior. Even Niomi said that she would have picked either Estee Lauder or Dior, so I thought it was only right to test some of the Dior ones.

Although I love powder products and I much prefer them to liquid ones, I decided to follow everyone's suggestion and try some of the liquid foundations. I swatched a couple of them (there are so many!) on my hand and immediately thought that Diorskin Nude Air was the one that felt nicer. Then I asked the Dior lady to apply the Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion on one side of my face and the Nude Air on the other, as Niomi suggested the Cushion one (and I was intrigued by the packaging) and the lady suggested the second one.

The colour and sensation on my skin left by the Nude Air definitely won for me, so I ended up buying that one (in the shade 010 Ivory), after a long conversation with the Dior lady, who also suggested me the lip product I'm going to talk about in the next Dior Trilogy post.

Since then, I have already applied the foundation at home, with the help of my brand new EcoTools sponges, and I must say I really love the result. I expected it to feel "heavy" on my face as I am not used to wear foundation, and I was worried I'd end up leaving pinkish streaks on everything that came in contact with my face, but that didn't happen at all (well, with the exclusion of tissues, thank you hayfever), and my skin felt nice and soft all day. The coverage with this product is slightly buildable, so it's perfect for my needs, as I want some coverage but not an excessive amount of it.

All in all I am really happy I have splurged on this product and I hope I will get to wear it often.

What's your favourite foundation?

Martina x

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