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By Martina - Sunday, May 07, 2017

Before moving to London, I had been there on holiday a few times. I have seen a few famous landmarks and I have walked around the city centre quite a lot, but there are still millions of things I haven't seen and done. Sometimes in my free time I like to walk to places I've never been to and explore, or visit some free galleries or famous shops or cafés. Still, the number of places I still need to visit is huge, but I have never put down a proper list (though I think I'll try to do it one day, just for fun).

Some days ago I found a blog called Live & Peaches. The owner, Celine, is working as an au pair in London and has put down a bucket list of places she wants to see while she is here (she is definitely more organized than me, hahah). I read it through out of curiosity, and I noticed she has already ticked many places off the list. I started wondering how many of those I had actually seen, so I decided to copy and paste her list here (I asked her permission first) and now I'm going to check.

Visit Buckingham Palace
Harry Potter Walk
Jack the Ripper Tour
Tate Modern

Tate Britain
Shopping on Oxford street

Go for a walk in Hyde Park

Meet Little Mix
Get a Tattoo in Camden Town
Visit London Zoo


National Gallery

Notting Hill

Olympia Park
Little Venice

Canary Wharf

Jack the Ripper Museum
Sherlock Holmes Museum

Watch a play at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Tower of London
Windsor Castle

Warner Bros. Studio Tour
Watch a Musical

Go up on the O2
Natural History Museum

Sky Garden
China Town

Celebrate Chinese New Year
Eton College
British Museum

Science Museum
Tower Bridge

Imperial War Museum
Sutton House
Madame Tussauds

Watch the Oxford vs. Cambridge boat race
Brick Lane Market
Holland Park

I have visited a total of 24 out of 55 places, which is not too bad. As you can see, I have visited quite a few places around London, but not many towns nearby. That's actually something I'm planning to do in the future, and Bath is high up on my list.

The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Shard, London Zoo and Stonehenge were already on my mind list, and now I'm definitely adding Buckingham Palace to that (I didn't know you could visit it). Another thing I'm curious about is the Harry Potter Walk, I'll look it up soon I think.

I also like the idea of getting a new tattoo, but I'm not too sure that I'd go to Camden for that, I think I would have to search some tattoo artists online beforehand.

Have you ever visited London? How many places can you tick off this list?

Big shoutout to Celine of Live & Peaches for allowing me to use her bucket list. Go check out her blog if you haven't already, and leave a nice comment. I shall do the same.

Martina x

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