To Food or Not to Food

By Martina - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lately I've been struggling on two opposite sides. One part of me doesn't want to put a limit to what (and how much, and how often) I eat in a day, the other half wants to get rid of the ever-growing belly fat (I tend to put on weight mainly in that area, and the result is that I look kind of pregnant all year round - sounds like life's way of making fun of me, since my biggest dream is to have a baby of my own).

During the day, I alternate moments where I tell myself that I can try to work out a bit and keep eating whatever I crave for, and others where I think I should just control myself a bit more, and stop indulging in biscuits and desserts three to four times a day.

I am still a bit confused and undecided about what to do, but today I have invested in a fitness and recipe plan by Danielle Peazer called 12-Week Body Plan and I think I'll try to follow that for a while and see how it goes.

When I first heard about it, it immediately caught my attention, simply because it focuses on both the topics I need to work on: fitness and food. I am always passionate about finding and testing new recipes, so I'm sure that that side of the plan won't disappoint me, and I like the idea of having a full series of workouts all written down and with pictures, as they are easier to follow than other workouts (I can take a book to the park, while watching a Youtube video might be a bit more complicated) and they're already organized week by week, day by day, so I don't have to figure out by myself which one is right for me or how many series of exercises I need to do.

The plan comes as a pdf, but I'm having mine printed because I want to be able to take it everywhere and I know that I'll more likely make a good use of it if I have it printed than if it's only a pdf on my phone.

If you are interested in this plan, you can find it on weheartliving's website. I applied for the Starter Pack and a few days later they sent me a discount code (I probably wouldn't have bought it full price, though the price is still definitely lower than a gym subscription).

I'll start working out between Saturday and Monday, and later this month I'll let you know if I managed to stick to the plan, if I'm loving it or not, and if the recipes are interesting. 

Martina x

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