The Hamiltome

By Martina - Friday, June 30, 2017

This June I only finished one book, but a really really good one. It's Hamilton: The Revolution, by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter.

It's basically the bible for Hamilton the Musical's lovers (like me). I found it very interesting and complete, and I am ready to read it again, or take the leap and read the full biography by Chernow (which I will definitely read sooner or later).

It taught me a lot about the behind the scenes of the show and its creation and Lin's incredible mind and helped me imagine the show better in my head, as I haven't seen it yet. As much as I love to see a show for the first time, I also love to conduct an in-depth research before going to the theatre, it helps me understand and appreciate what I'm seeing better, especially with really detailed shows like Les Mis and Hamilton. I like to learn everything about shows and theatre in general, actually. And when I like a show so much, reading about that and listening to the soundtrack on repeat makes me feel more connected to it, and keeps me happy while I wait to see the actual thing on stage.

Reading this book also inspired me for a project I will start on this blog in the near future. It's a mammoth project so it might take longer than expected, but I feel really inspired and could talk about Hamilton for hours, so I believe I can do it.

Martina x

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